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Ukrainian Soldiers Destroy BTR-MDM Most Modern Armored Vehicle of Russian Airborne Troops

According to a video published on the Twitter account of "Ukraine Weapons Tracker" on July 12, 2023, Ukrainian Marines destroyed a Russian BTR-MDM airborne tracked multi-role armored vehicle with artillery fire near Staromaiorske, Donetsk Oblast. The BTR-MDM is the latest generation of tracked armored vehicles in service with the Russian airborne troops.
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Ukrainian Marines destroyed a Russian BTR-MDM airborne armored personnel carrier with artillery fire near Staromaiorske, Donetsk Oblast. (Picture source Twitter Ukraine Weapons Tracker)

Citing open source information, Russian armed forces will have already lost 19 BTR-MDM Rakushka of which 10 would have been destroyed, two damaged and seven captured.

The Russian Airborne Troops, known as the VDV, played a significant role in the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. During the initial stages of the invasion, the VDV endeavored to take control of crucial airports and backup attacks throughout Ukraine. These paratroopers were easily identifiable by the distinctive orange-and-black Saint George ribbons adorning their helmets and arms.

The BTR-MDM, also known as "Rakushka" (which means "shell" in English), is a Russian fully armored, tracked, and amphibious personnel carrier that was first publicly revealed in 2013. It was developed by the Volgograd Tractor Plant and is part of the BTR series of vehicles.

The BTR-MDM is designed to transport personnel of airborne troops and marine infantry. It is capable of carrying up to two crew members and 13 fully equipped paratroopers. The vehicle can be airdropped by military transport aircraft, either by parachute or by landing.

The BTR-MDM is powered by a multi-fuel diesel engine, which allows it to reach a maximum road speed of about 70 km/h and a maximum water speed of about 10 km/h. It can cross water obstacles without any preparation, making it a truly amphibious vehicle.

In terms of armament, the BTR-MDM is typically equipped with a 7.62mm machine gun. However, it can be fitted with additional weapon systems according to the mission requirement. Its armor provides protection against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters.

As for the vehicle's combat capabilities, it is designed to operate in various challenging environments, including those contaminated by nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. It's worth noting that this vehicle is also designed for a high degree of maneuverability in various terrains, from urban environments to off-road conditions.

The BTR-MDM is in service with the Russian Airborne Troops (VDV) deployed in Ukraine. It replaced older BTR-D airborne armored personnel carriers in Russian service.

Ukrainian Soldiers Destroy BTR MDM Most Modern Armored Vehicle of Russian Airborne Troops 925 002
Russian army BTR-MDM airborne multi-role tracked armored vehicle. (Picture source Vitaly Kuzmin)

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