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Ukrainian soldiers capture Russian T-90M most modern tank deployed by Russia in Ukraine

According to a video published on the "Ukraine Weapons Tracker" Twitter account on December 3, 2022, Ukrainian soldiers captured a Russian T-90M, the most modern Main Battle Tank (MBT) deployed for combat operations in Ukraine.
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A Russian-made T-90M was captured by Russian soldiers in the East of Ukraine. (Picture source Twitter account Ukraine Weapons Tracker)

Citing information published by the "Ukraine Weapons Tracker", the Russian army T-90M Main Battle Tank was captured by the Ukrainian soldiers in the East of Ukraine.

The Russian government continues to show its motivation to want to conquer Ukraine by sending additional troops but also by deploying the most modern military equipment and combat vehicles developed by the Russian defense industry including the T-90M.

On November 27, 2022, the Army Recognition editorial team reported that Russia continued to send in Ukraine the latest development of Russian combat equipment and armored vehicles including the T-90M main battle tank and the BMPT, a new concept of fire support vehicle.

The T-90M is the latest generation of main battle tank in the family of T-90 MBT. was tested by the Russian army during the military exercise Zapad-2017 which was held from 14 to 20 September 2017.

The T-90M is an improved version of the Russian-made T-90 MBT in terms of protection, mobility, and firepower. The tank was developed following the combat experience gained by the Russian armed forces during the combat operation in Syria.

The T-90M keeps the standard design of the Russian-made MBT with the driver position at the front center of the hull, a turret in the middle of the hull with a commander and gunner, and the powerpack at the rear. It has a crew of three thanks to the use of an automatic loading system compared to European tanks which have a crew of 4 men including a loader.

The T-90M is armed with a 125 mm 2A46M-4 smoothbore gun able to fire standard ammunition but also anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) Refleks NATO Code AT-11 Sniper-B. Using a missile, the T-90M can destroy heavily armored vehicles at a maximum firing range of 5,000 m and can penetrate the armor of 900 mm including ERA (Explosive Reactive Armor) type protection.

The T-90M features a new all-welded turret design protected by the Relikt ERA (Explosive Reactive Armour) armor fitted at the front and on each side of the turret. It features higher protection performance and serviceability compared with the Kontakt-5 ERA suite.

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