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Ukrainian naval infantry receives from France AMX-10RC anti-tank armored vehicles

According to a video published on the Twitter account of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense Oleksii Reznikov on April 18, 2023, the Ukrainian naval infantry unit has received the first AMX-10RC 6x6 anti-tank and reconnaissance armored vehicles donated by France. According to our analysis, the AMX-10RC supplied by France to Ukraine is the AMX-10RCR version which is an improved version of the original AMX-10RC.
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French AMX-10RCR reconnaissance and anti-tank armored vehicles have been delivered to the Ukrainian naval infantry. (Picture source Screenshot Video footage Oleksii Reznikov)

On February 15, 2023, the Army Recognition editorial team reported that a first batch of 14 French AMX-10RC / AMX-10RCR 6x6 anti-tank reconnaissance armored vehicles had already been sent to Ukraine. According to our source, a total of 30 AMX-10RC will be supplied to Ukraine.

In a bid to enhance the operational capacity of the Ukrainian armed forces, a comprehensive transfer strategy has been implemented, by France focusing on strategic areas such as artillery, armored mobility, and ground-to-air defense. The strategy has already resulted in the delivery of a wide array of equipment tailored to meet the specific needs of the Ukrainian forces.

Among the supplies received by Ukraine are combat gear such as helmets, bullet-proof vests, night vision binoculars, combat rations, NBC suits, and medical equipment. Air defense systems have also been provided, with an agreement to replenish stocks as needed. These include two MLRS rocket launchers delivered in November, two Crotale air defense systems, and a Ground Master 200 (GM200) radar set for delivery.

Artillery support has been bolstered with the delivery of 18 Caesar howitzers and an additional 12 on the way, as well as six TRF1 155mm howitzers. In an effort to enhance armored vehicle support, President Macron announced the delivery of AMX10-RC combat vehicles, which has spurred further momentum for Ukraine's armored forces.

Other equipment supplied includes armored forward vehicles (VAB), ammunition across all calibers, and fuel. This strategic support aims to strengthen Ukraine's military capabilities and better position its armed forces to respond to threats and maintain national security.

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The AMX-10RCR is an anti-tank armored vehicle armed with a 105 mm cannon able to engage tanks and armored vehicles at a maximum firing range of 2 km. (Picture source Screenshot Video footage Oleksii Reznikov)

The AMX-10RC is a French wheeled reconnaissance and fire support vehicle designed for a variety of military operations. It is a 6x6 armored vehicle, offering both mobility and protection for its crew. Its primary role is to perform reconnaissance missions, provide fire support for infantry units, and engage enemy armor when required.

Equipped with a 105mm F2 gun, the AMX-10RC has a firing range of approximately 2,000 meters for direct fire and up to 8,000 meters for indirect fire. This powerful gun, coupled with its advanced fire control system, allows the vehicle to effectively engage enemy targets even while on the move.

The AMX-10RC features a diesel engine, providing a top speed of around 85 km/h (53 mph) and a range of 800 km (497 miles). Its amphibious capabilities enable it to ford water obstacles without any additional preparation. Additionally, the vehicle's 6x6 configuration and relatively lightweight design contribute to its agility and ability to traverse various terrains.

The AMX-10RC has been in service with the French Army since the early 1980s and has seen combat in numerous conflicts, such as the Gulf War, the war in Afghanistan, and the intervention in Mali. Its recent delivery to the Ukrainian armed forces aims to provide a robust and versatile platform for reconnaissance and fire support, thereby enhancing their overall operational capacity.

The AMX-10RCR is an improved version of the AMX-10RC incorporating several improvements to enhance its capabilities and extend its operational life. It features enhanced armor protection, including add-on modular armor kits that provide increased resistance to various threats such as IEDs, mines, and small arms fire.

The AMX-10RCR is equipped with a new, advanced fire control system, improving the accuracy and responsiveness of the 105mm gun. This enables the vehicle to engage targets more effectively, even while on the move. The upgraded vehicle features a modern battlefield management system that enhances situational awareness and communication with other units. This system allows for better coordination and integration with allied forces during operations. It is also equipped with new night vision and thermal imaging capabilities, increasing its effectiveness during low-light and nighttime operations.

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