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Ukrainian-made Sirko UAV with international components goes into mass production

The Sirko unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), proudly manufactured in Ukraine by Kharkiv engineers, has successfully entered mass production, and the company is gearing up to unveil its second version, as reported by Ukrinform.
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The Ukrainian Defense Ministry's commission recently approved the deployment of the Sirko UAV in military operations (Picture source: Ukrinform)

Ihor Krynychko, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Skyassist Research and Production Company LLC, shared his excitement about the progress in a statement to Ukrinform, stating, "We can now confirm that mass production is in full swing." He emphasized that the company has established crucial partnerships with component manufacturers not only in China but also in Israel, Canada, Taiwan, and other countries.

Just recently, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry's commission approved the deployment of the Sirko UAV in military operations, and the codification process is currently underway. While Krynychko acknowledged that there have been some challenges in the state's efforts, he commended their thoroughness in this area.

Remarkably, the Sirko UAVs have been acquired for military use through volunteer funds, as public procurement has not been involved thus far. The developers have actively sought feedback on the practical application of the UAVs, receiving valuable insights from Ukrainian defenders in the Kupiansk direction, Kherson, and Mykolaiv regions. Armed with this knowledge, they are preparing to unveil the highly anticipated Sirko 2 model in the coming weeks.

In June 2023, the company proudly delivered approximately 100 Sirko UAVs to the military. With an impressive production capacity of 800-1,000 UAVs per month, the company is actively working on developing a combat version of the UAV to further bolster its capabilities.

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