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Ukrainian Forces neutralize 2 key Russian Borisoglebsk electronic warfare systems in Donetsk Region

Ukrainian Armed Forces have successfully targeted and destroyed two critical Russian RB-301B Borisoglebsk-2 systems near Novopetrykivka in the Donetsk region. The operation, announced on November 09, 2023, through a video released by the 58th Infantry Brigade on their official Facebook account, marks a notable achievement against Russian electronic capabilities.
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Ukrainian Armed Forces have successfully targeted and destroyed two critical Russian RB-301B Borisoglebsk-2 systems near Novopetrykivka in the Donetsk region.. (Picture source: Wikipedia)

The Borisoglebsk-2, a cornerstone of the Russian Army's electronic warfare arsenal, is known for its ability to control four jamming units from a single command point. This system, which reached initial operating capability in 2010 and was delivered to the Russian military in February 2015, has been actively used in eastern Ukraine since the summer of that year.

With the onset of the War in Ukraine in February 2022, the Russian army deployed Borisoglebsk-2 units to the Vistula Motorized Rifle Division in the Belgorod Region, near the Ukrainian border. This strategic move aimed to enhance the Russian military's capacity to gather information on military movements rapidly.

The recent Ukrainian operation marks the second and third documented destructions of the Borisoglebsk-2 system during the ongoing conflict. Previously, Ukrainian forces had also captured one of these systems. On September 16, 2022, the Army Recognition editorial team reported the capture of a Borisoglebsk-2 system mounted on an MT-LB by Ukrainian soldiers.

The Borisoglebsk-2 is a sophisticated electronic warfare (EW) system designed to disrupt enemy communications, radar, and other electronic systems. It is a key component of Russia's efforts to modernize its EW capabilities and comprises several vehicles, each serving specific functions like electronic intelligence, jamming, and command and control. The system's capabilities enable it to detect, locate, and jam a wide range of enemy electronic signals.

As of August 2015, ten sets of this system had been delivered to the Russian armed forces, with plans for an additional 14 sets. These systems were intended to be deployed along Russia's borders, from Kaliningrad to Blagoveshchensk, and there were reports of their active use in Syria by October 2015.

In the broader context of the War in Ukraine, electronic warfare has emerged as a crucial aspect of modern military operations. The ability to disrupt enemy communications and coordination offers a significant tactical advantage. Both Russia and Ukraine have been actively employing electronic warfare tactics, with the Ukrainian army, supported by Western nations, working to enhance its capabilities in this domain. The destruction of the Borisoglebsk-2 systems represents a setback for Russian electronic warfare efforts and a strategic gain for Ukraine in the ongoing conflict.


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