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Ukrainian forces destroy RP-377LA Lorandit crucial player in Russian Army's electronic warfare

According to a video published on the "Ukraine Defence" Facebook account on June 11, 2023, during a joint mission conducted by the 31st separate reconnaissance battalion, 73rd Maritime Operations Center of the SSO of Ukraine, 406th Artillery Brigade, an RP-377LA «Lorandit» electronic warfare vehicle deployed in the occupied Oleshki, Kherson region was destroyed by artillery fire. The RP-377LA is a very sophisticated VHF radio jammer, spectrum analyzer, monitor, and direction finder mounted on Buhanka UAZ-452 4x4 tactical vehicle.
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Ukrainian forces have destroyed a very crucial Russian army electronic warfare vehicle RP-37LA Lorandit. (Picture source video footage Facebook account Ukraine Defense)

The RP-377LA Lorandit is produced by the Scientific and Technical Enterprise Niidar-Sphere based in Moscow. It is designed for monitoring radio communications on VHF frequencies, locating broadcasting stations, and disrupting their operations at the operational level. The system is installed on an all-terrain UAZ-452 vehicle, ensuring its high mobility. It can operate independently or be connected to other vehicles within the same system, one of which serves as the control point for the system.

In 2013, the Strategic Missile Troops introduced the system into their electronic warfare units. The use of the system by the Russian army was confirmed in 2014, when it was presented in Crimea, in the Rostov region, and in the Krasnodar territory. Media reports have affirmed its purpose in combating illegal armed groups, terrorist groups, and sources of interference in communication systems.

During the "Electronic Frontier 2019" electronic warfare crew competition of the Russian Federation Air Force units, the Lorandit system crew achieved the best result in locating and disrupting enemy stations.

The electronic warfare system is available in two versions including the RP-377L which is the portable version that can be packed into four bags, and used in the field while RP-377LA is mounted on the UAZ-452 vehicle, which can serve as the central unit for other vehicles within the system.

Regardless of the version, the system can search for broadcasting stations operating in the frequency range of 20 to 2000 MHz, and perform radio direction finding from 25 to 2000 MHz. The scanning speed of the working frequency in the PR-377L version is 10 MHz/s, while in the RP-377LA version, it's 65 MHz/s.

The search speed with simultaneous direction finding for RP-377L is 3.5 MHz, and for RP-377LA, it's 25 MHz. The error in determining the direction to the broadcasting stations for both systems is estimated at 3°. The bandwidth in the RP-377L version is 180 kHz, and in the RP-377LA, it's 1200 kHz. In the jamming mode, RP-377L generates a power of 40 W, while RP-377LA generates 100 W.

In conclusion, the RP-377L Lorandit plays a vital role in the electronic warfare capabilities of the Russian army, offering flexibility, efficiency, and precision in disrupting enemy communication systems.

Ukrainian forces destroy RP 377LA Lorandit crucial player in Russian Armys electronic warfare 925 002
Russian army RP-377LA Lorandit is an electronic warfare vehicle based on UAZ-452. (Russian picture source)

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