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Ukrainian forces confirm first capture of Russian advanced T-80BVM tank in Donetsk

According to a video released on social networks on June 12, 2023, Ukrainian soldiers have announced for the first time the capture of a Russian T-80BVM, the most modern combat tank in the T-80 family. Reportedly, the tank was recently seized by Ukrainian troops in Donetsk Oblast. This marks the first confirmed capture of a T-80BVM tank from the Russian army.
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According to a video published on Social Network on June 12, 2023, Ukrainian forces confirm the first captured Russian T-80BVM tank. (Picture source Twitter Ukraine Weapons Tracker)

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, dozens of Russian tanks and armored vehicles have been captured by Ukrainian troops, which are often repaired and returned to service with the Ukrainian armed forces. Citing open source information, more than 500 Russian main battle tanks would have been captured by the Ukrainians.

The T-80BVM is a contemporary upgrade to the T-80BV main battle tank, which was initially designed and employed by the Soviet Union during the 1970s. This upgrade is principally aimed at enhancing the combat capabilities of the older T-80 series, thereby making it more effective in a wide array of operational scenarios.

The T-80BVM is known for its powerful gas turbine engine that significantly enhances the tank's mobility. This high-performing engine, coupled with the tank's relatively low weight, allows for superior speed and agility on various terrains.

The T-80BVM is outfitted with a comprehensive suite of modern armor technologies designed to enhance survivability and protect against various types of current threats.

One of the most important aspects of the T-80BVM's armor is the use of reactive armor, specifically the Relikt explosive reactive armor. Reactive armor is designed to counter the impact of anti-tank weapons by detonating in response to a hit, disrupting the penetrative force of the incoming projectile or warhead. The Relikt reactive armor used by the T-80BVM offers significantly enhanced protection over older types of reactive armor and is designed to be effective against modern anti-tank threats, including tandem-charge warheads.

In addition to reactive armor, the T-80BVM's turret and hull are composed of composite armor. Composite armor involves the use of different materials, such as metals and ceramics, layered together to provide resistance against both kinetic energy penetrators and chemical energy warheads.

The firepower of the T-80BVM is notably enhanced as well. The tank comes with an upgraded 125mm smoothbore gun that can fire both traditional projectiles and guided missiles. Additionally, it boasts an improved fire control system, which enhances the accuracy of its attacks.

Another important enhancement of the T-80BVM is its advanced thermal imaging and night vision capabilities. These features significantly improve the tank's effectiveness in low-light conditions and during nighttime operations.

The tank also features a modified turret and a new automatic loader, which enhances its rate of fire. Finally, the tank's durability and operational longevity have been extended due to the improved engine and transmission systems.

In essence, the T-80BVM is a substantial upgrade to the older T-80 series tanks, featuring a host of advancements aimed at improving performance, survivability, and combat effectiveness.

Ukrainian forces confirm first capture of Russia advanced T 80BVM tank in Donetsk 925 002
Russian army T-80BVM MBT Main Battle Tank. (Picture source Twitter)

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