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Ukrainian Azov Brigade receives 500 kamikaze drones from Come Back Alive foundation

The "Come Back Alive" Foundation recently delivered 500 FPV kamikaze drones to the special purpose brigade of the Azov National Guard, as announced on the organization's social media platforms, echoed by Militarnyi.
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FPV drones for the Azov NSU brigade donated by "Come Back Alive" in January 2024 (Picture source: charity organization)

The foundation explained that due to a missile attack on January 2, the manufacturing facilities of M-TAC, a brand known for consistently supporting the Ukrainian military with strike drones, including the Azov brigade, suffered damage. In response to their plea for support in maintaining a continuous supply of effective FPV drones for our defenders, the Come Back Alive Foundation stepped in. They mentioned, "While responsible business operations are being restored, we have answered their call to ensure the uninterrupted provision of FPV kamikaze drones for our troops."

A significant batch of attack drones was delivered in full to the Azov State University brigade, and the charitable organization expressed its gratitude to the caring donors who made this assistance possible. It is worth recalling that, as part of the collaborative project "Operation Unity" involving the "Come Back Alive" fund, United24, and Monobank, a total of 10,000 FPV kamikaze drones had been handed over to Ukrainian defenders as of December 2023.

These drones were distributed among 53 military units within the Defense Forces of Ukraine, including marine units, ground and assault troops, special operations forces (SSO), ground defense units, National Guard brigades "Charter" and "Azov," National Police units, and "A" TsSO fighters of the Security Service of Ukraine.

The "Come Back Alive" fund received the initial 5,000 kamikaze drones from a foreign manufacturer in October 2023, initiating their transfer to the military. Subsequently, the Army Competent Assistance Fund received the second batch of 5,000 FPV drones in early December 2023. These FPV kamikaze drone models have gained approval from the Ukrainian military and are equipped with Ukrainian-made cluster or high-explosive munitions tailored to their specific missions.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
FPV drone for the Azov NSU brigade donated by "Come Back Alive" in January 2024 (Picture source: charity organization)

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