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Ukrainian army uses UR-77 mine-clearing vehicle in Bakhmut to target Russian positions

According to information and video published on the Internet, the Ukrainian armed forces use a UR-77 mine-clearing vehicle to strike Russian positions in the battle for the city of Bakhmut. The city is an important strategic location in eastern Ukraine. It is situated in the Donetsk region, close to the border with the Luhansk region, and serves as a key transportation hub connecting the two regions.
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Ukrainian soldiers use UR-77 mine clearing vehicle to target the Russian positions in the city of Bakhmut. (Picture source Screen Shot Video Twitter)

In the current conflict in eastern Ukraine, Bakhmut is the site of intense fighting between Ukrainian forces and Russian-backed separatists. The town and its surrounding areas have strategic importance due to the presence of important infrastructure, including railways, highways, and gas pipelines.

Control over Bakhmut allows Ukrainian forces to control the movement of supplies and troops between the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, and to prevent the separatists from gaining a foothold in the area. Additionally, Bakhmut provides a defensive buffer for the Ukrainian-held city of Sloviansk, which is situated to the south.

In summary, the strategic location of Bakhmut and its importance as a transportation hub make it a key target for both Ukrainian forces and the separatists, and controlling it is crucial for maintaining control over the region.

For the Russian army, controlling Bakhmut allows them to establish a land corridor linking the separatist-controlled territories with the Russian border. This offers Russia to provide direct military and logistical support to the separatists, which could significantly tip the balance of power in their favor. Additionally, controlling Bakhmut allows the Russian army to effectively cut off Ukraine from the sea, as the city sits on a major railway line that connects the port of Mariupol with the rest of the country.

Furthermore, Bakhmut is strategically located near the Svitlodarsk bulge, a contested area where Ukrainian forces have been engaged in heavy fighting with separatists. Controlling Bakhmut would allow the Russian army to launch attacks from multiple directions and potentially encircle Ukrainian forces in the area.

Ukrainian forces fighting in Barkhmut have deployed at least one UR-77 mine-clearing vehicle which is used to target Russian positions advancing in the southern part of the city near Korsunskogo Street. The subsequent explosion might have been as destructive as the TOS-1A rockets that the Russians fired into the city center a few days later.

Ukrainian army uses UR 77 mine clearing vehicle in Bakhmut to target Rusian positions 925 002
The UR-77 is equipped with a roof-mounted launcher for two-line charges. (Picture source Twitter Ukrainian Front)

The UR-77 is primarily designed for mine-clearing purposes, but it can be repurposed to target soldiers' positions when its explosive line charge is directed towards enemy troops. By aiming the system at the locations where enemy forces are concentrated, the powerful explosion can cause significant damage and casualties, even though it is not the weapon's original intent. This demonstrates the adaptability and versatility of certain military equipment in combat situations.

When the line charge is launched, it is propelled across the target area, and upon reaching its destination, it lays out on the ground in a straight line. The explosives in the line charge are then detonated, creating a powerful blast that is capable of clearing mines, obstacles, and potentially causing significant damage to enemy positions or troops if used for that purpose.

With a single line charge, the UR-77 can effectively clear a corridor that is 6 meters wide and 90 meters long. The vehicle carries two line charges, allowing it to clear a total of 180 meters of mine-infested terrain while maintaining a 6-meter-wide cleared path.

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