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Ukraine unveils new Pozhmashina PM-B Pyrotechnic mine clearing vehicle

In a recent article from Militarnyi in August 2023, Ukraine's Pozhmashina company unveiled the PM-B Pyrotechnic mine clearing vehicle. This company, known for its specialization in transforming civilian trucks for emergency services, primarily fire trucks, has now expanded its expertise to include mine clearance trucks.
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Ukraine unveils new Pozhmashina PM-B Pyrotechnic mine clearing vehicle (Picture source: Pozhmashina)

The introduction of the PM-B highlights both Ukraine's progress in mine clearance and Pozhmashina's capability in emergency vehicle production. This is further supported by the fact that in late July 2023, Pozhmashina delivered 34 new fire tankers to Ukraine's State Emergency Service. The vehicle is constructed on the robust Daewoo Novus K5DEF 6x4 Tipper Truck, a product of the South Korean company, Daewoo Trucks. This heavy-duty vehicle, commonly used in sectors like construction and mining, is powered by the Doosan DE12TIS engine, which boasts an impressive 335hp at 2,100 rpm and a torque of 1,421 Nm at 1,260 rpm. With safety being paramount, the truck is equipped with a dual-circuit braking system, complemented by the ABS.

In terms of its dimensions, the truck stands at 7,775 mm in length, 2,495 mm wide, and 3,060 mm tall. It's supported by a substantial 400-liter fuel tank and has a gross vehicle mass of 33,500 kg. The PM-B's design is a collaborative effort with pyrotechnic experts from Ukraine's State Emergency Service. It features an armored cabin, a potent crane, and a winch with a 9-tonne capacity. Internally, the vehicle is meticulously designed to ensure easy access to essential equipment, even when operators are in full gear. Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with various systems, specialized tools, and personal protective equipment.

The PM-B also incorporates tools from the renowned Holmatro and is fitted with Pirelli tires, known for their association with F1 competitions since 2011. Both suppliers further attest to the vehicle's quality. The State Emergency Service and sapper professionals have given a positive nod to this new addition, highlighting the domestic industry's readiness to tackle the pressing demining needs in Ukraine.

The urgency of mine clearance in Ukraine has its roots in the Russian invasion of February 2022. A Globesec report from April 26, 2023, indicates that nearly 30% of Ukraine's territory, translating to about 174,000 square kilometers, is plagued with mines and unexploded ordnance. The demining process is intricate and financially draining, with the tactics of Russian forces adding to the complexity. By June 2023, efforts led to the clearance of approximately 540,000 unexploded items. However, the World Bank estimates the total cost of ensuring Ukraine's safety to be a staggering $37 billion. This contamination presents significant challenges, both in terms of resource allocation and economic stability, underlining the importance of innovations like the Pozhmashina PM-B.

Pyrotechnic demining vehicles, such as the PM-B, are specialized tools tailored to address the complex task of clearing landmines and unexploded ordnance. Their primary function is to reduce the inherent risks associated with manual demining, enhancing the efficiency of neutralizing explosive threats. These vehicles employ a systematic approach, using explosive charges to disarm and neutralize threats safely. They utilize advanced sensors for detection, marking, controlled detonation, and post-detonation verification.

The benefits of such vehicles are manifold. They prioritize safety by reducing human exposure to potential threats. Their efficiency ensures rapid clearance of larger areas, and their precision guarantees minimal collateral damage. Adaptable to various terrains and explosive types, these vehicles are a testament to technological advancements in the field. Some even come equipped with data collection and analysis capabilities, offering a more strategic and informed approach to demining.

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The Pozhmashina PM-B features an armored cabin, a powerful crane, and a winch with a 9-tonne capacity to insure the crew's safety (Picture source: Pozhmashina)


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