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Ukraine Shoots Down Russian Drone Threat with Polish-made SA-3 Goa Air Defense System

On April 9, 2024, the Ukrainian Armed Forces released a video on social media platforms showcasing the launch of an S-125 NEWA-SC missile, NATO code-named SA-3 Goa, aimed at neutralizing a Russian UAV within Ukrainian territory.
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Polish S-125 NEWA-SC/SA-3 GOA medium-range air defense missile system used by Ukraine forces (Picture source: Telegram)

The S-125 NEWA-SC is an upgraded version of the Soviet-made S-125 air defense missile system, developed by the Polish company Wojskowe Zaklady Elektroniczne (WZE). This system was first introduced to Ukraine in December 2022, with several units donated by Poland. The unexpected appearance of these missile systems caught the attention of military analysts, as neither Poland nor Ukraine had publicly announced the transfer.

While no official statement has been made regarding the delivery of the S-125 NEWA-SC to Ukraine, it is noteworthy that only Poland possesses the W-125 SC variant. The decision to provide these systems to Ukraine may have been made discreetly due to security concerns, especially in light of recent missile and drone attacks by Russian forces.

The S-125 Neva, also known as the SA-3 Goa, is a medium-range air defense missile system first developed in 1956. It is typically deployed using trainable launchers mounted on trucks, with two different missile versions available: the V-600 and the 5V27. The W-125 SC variant, utilized by Poland, is an enhanced version equipped with improved detection and tracking capabilities, as well as enhanced electronic countermeasures (ECM) capabilities.

The W-125 SC is mounted on the chassis of the WZT-1 armored recovery vehicle, based on the Soviet T-55 tank platform. It features a launcher station armed with four ready-to-fire missiles, capable of intercepting aerial threats at ranges of up to 20 km and altitudes ranging from 25 m to 18 km. Additionally, the system's battery is designed to counter aerial targets flying at speeds of up to 700 m/s.

This deployment of the S-125 NEWA-SC underscores Ukraine's efforts to bolster its air defense capabilities in response to escalating threats from Russian forces. The introduction of these advanced missile systems reflects a strategic partnership between Ukraine and Poland, aimed at enhancing Ukraine's ability to defend its airspace against hostile incursions.

Ukraine Shoots Down Russian Drone Threat with Polish made SA 3 Goa Air Defense System 001

Polish S-125 NEWA-SC/SA-3 GOA medium-range air defense missile system (Picture source: Polish Army)


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