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Ukraine Receives 14 HMT Extenda Mk 2 Special Forces Vehicles from Australia

In a recent update garnered from open-source intelligence and corroborated by images circulated on social media platforms, it has been revealed that Australia has made a significant contribution to Ukraine's military capabilities by supplying 14 Special Forces vehicles. These vehicles, known as the HMT Extenda Mk 2, are also utilized by the British army, where they are referred to as the Coyote.
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Tactical vehicle HMT Extenda Mk 2 was abandoned on the Avdiivka front by Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers. (Picture source Social Network)

The Coyote tactical support vehicle, a light variant in the tactical support vehicle (TSV) category, is built on the robust HMT 600 6×6 chassis developed by the British Company Supacat. It represents an advanced version of the Jackal 2, distinguished by its additional two wheels. This enhancement results in a heavier vehicle, weighing approximately 10,500kg, designed to complement the Jackal 2's operational capabilities. The Coyote's primary function is to facilitate the transportation of supplies and equipment across challenging terrains, boasting a payload capacity of 1.5 tons for such purposes.

Australia has been a significant supporter of Ukraine, providing substantial military aid to assist in the defense against Russia's invasion. As of mid-2023, Australia's total contribution to Ukraine amounted to A$790 million, which includes A$610 million in military support. This assistance encompasses a variety of military vehicles and equipment designed to strengthen Ukraine's defense capabilities.

Initially, Australia focused on providing military vehicles and equipment, including Bushmaster 4x4 armored vehicles, recognized for their effectiveness and reliability in combat situations. As the conflict progressed, Australia expanded its support, incorporating a diverse range of military assets to meet the evolving needs of the Ukrainian armed forces.

In a notable expansion of support, Australia delivered 56 M113AS4 Armoured Personnel Carriers from June 2022, with an additional 28 pledged in June 2023. This included variants of the M113AS4 Armoured Logistics Vehicle donated before March 2023. The support extended to Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles, with 120 Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicles delivered from April 2022 onwards.

The assistance package also included 14 special operations vehicles and 28 armored RMMV HX 40M military trucks with 14 trailers, delivered in June 2023. Furthermore, Australia supplied 6 155mm M777 towed artillery pieces in April 2022, highlighting the diversity of the military aid.

In terms of ammunition, Australia embarked on joint manufacture of 155mm artillery ammunition with France, with Australia supplying the gunpowder since January 2023. This was in addition to providing 105mm artillery ammunition in 2022/2023 and a variety of other ammunition types from March or April 2022.

Australia's support extended to loitering munitions as well, with 300 DefendTex D40s delivered in August 2022 and Corvo PPDS' since May or June 2023. The support package also included unmanned aerial and ground systems, part of an A$25 million package announced in March 2022, which comprised reconnaissance UAVs and radar systems.

Small arms and miscellaneous equipment were also part of the aid, with Australia providing A$70 million worth of lethal military equipment, including missiles and weapons in March 2022, and A$26.5 million worth of anti-armor weapons and ammunition in April 2022. The package included tactical decoys, A$21 million worth of Australian Defence Force stocks, including ammunition and body armor in March 2022, demining equipment, portable X-ray machines, a 3D metal printer, and counter UAV systems.

In a significant move to increase Ukraine's military training, Australia commenced training Ukrainian soldiers with 70 Australian instructors in January 2023, increasing the number of instructors to 90 in 2024. Additionally, Australia deployed one Royal Australian Air Force E-7A Wedgetail aircraft to be based in Germany for approximately six months from October 2023, providing early warning in the event of any threats outside of Ukraine.

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