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Ukraine deploys thousands of Lithuanian anti-drone systems

Ivan Sybyriakov, the manager of the unmanned systems center at Ukrainian state-owned SpetsTechnoExport (STE), recently reported that the Ukrainian army is currently operating "thousands" of Lithuanian counter-unmanned aircraft systems (C-UASs). This significant deployment underscores the vital role that Lithuanian technology is playing in strengthening Ukraine's defense capabilities, particularly against Russian drone threats.
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Lithuanian C-UAS solutions include the Skywiper Electronic Drone Mitigation 4 – System (EDM4S) and the Skywiper Omni. (Picture source: Ukraine MoD)

Since Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Lithuania has been a key ally, providing a range of military support including howitzers, helicopters, and notably, advanced C-UAS technology. In June 2022, Lithuania-based NT Service had already dispatched 110 C-UAS systems to Ukraine at a cost exceeding EUR 1.5 million.

The Lithuanian C-UAS solutions include the Skywiper Electronic Drone Mitigation 4 – System (EDM4S) and the Skywiper Omni. The EDM4S is particularly popular among regular soldiers due to its long-range capabilities, covering 3 to 5 kilometers in line-of-sight, and its lightweight design, weighing just 6.5 kilograms. The system can disrupt drones operating on various frequencies, including 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz, and GNSS L1 1.5 GHz bands.

The EDM4S SkyWiper (Electronic Drone Mitigation 4 - System) is a portable electronic warfare anti-drone device developed by the Lithuanian company NT Service. Designed to disrupt small and medium-sized UAVs by jamming their communication and satellite navigation systems using an electromagnetic pulse, this device plays a crucial role in neutralizing unauthorized aerial threats.

Its ergonomic design, resembling a rifle with a trigger to activate the device and optics for aiming, makes it a user-friendly tool for operators. Weighing 5.5 kg and measuring approximately 1050 × 220 × 360 mm, it is easily transportable by a single person. Powered by a 24 V battery, it can operate for about 60 minutes.

Complementing the handheld EDM4S is the Skywiper Omni, an omnidirectional jamming device weighing 11.3 kg with a range of 500 meters. It operates on the same frequency bands as the handheld jammer and is particularly useful for mobile groups or medical evacuation scenarios.

A video released by the Ukrainian military in October 2022 showcased the effective use of the SkyWiper counter-drone rifle. The Ukrainian military has been utilizing this technology since 2021, initially against Russian separatist forces in Donbas and now against the Russian Army. Ukrainian officials, including Yurii Shchyhol, who leads the agency responsible for Ukraine’s information security, have praised the Lithuanian-made anti-drone rifles as among the most effective.

Before August 2023, Ukraine received also two Mi-8 helicopters from Lithuania, enhancing its air mobility and rapid response capabilities. Starting from February 2023, Ukraine also received 36 Bofors L70 anti-aircraft guns, bolstering its air defense systems. In addition to these, 72 M113 armored personnel carriers and M577s have been delivered since June 2022, fortifying Ukraine's ground forces. Lithuania has also sent NASAMS surface-to-air missile systems, countermeasures equipment, material and technical equipment, and other forms of support to Ukraine.


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