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Ukraine Deploys New Anti-Drone System Ai-Petri SV for First Time

Ukraine has deployed on the battlefield, a new electronic warfare (EW) system named Ai-Petri SV, described not only as a jamming system but also as a next-generation cybernetic weapon, developed by a Ukrainian team. This information was relayed in a Telegram communication from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense dated April 1, 2024.
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Ukraine has deployed on the battlefield, a new electronic warfare (EW) system named Ai-Petri SV. (Picture source: Ukrainian MoD)

Deployed near Avdiivka on the eastern front, the system goes beyond simple frequency jamming. It accurately intercepts the positions of drone pilots, disrupts the operation of Russian UAVs, completely disorients first-person view (FPV) drones, and even disrupts the operation of guided aerial bombs.

The project, a collaboration between top engineers, experienced military personnel, and the Poroshenko Foundation team, is named after the Ai-Petri mountain in Crimea. Normally, such a project would take three to eight years to complete, but this time, it was finished in less than five months thanks to a personal investment of more than 150 million hryvnias (3.8 million dollars) by Poroshenko, without any state funding.

The first complexes are already operational in the Avdiivka sector, where they protect the lives of artillerymen and have shown impressive results. Five Ai-Petri units were presented to the crews of the 18th Technical Counter-Espionage Center, who are experienced but will undergo intensive training given the complexity of the system.

The Ai-Petri SV system represents a new generation of electronic warfare systems deployed by Ukraine to counter Russian unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and other forms of modern warfare. Here are some of its technical features:

The Ai-Petri SV system can suppress and interfere with the operations of Russian UAVs up to a distance of 20 kilometers. It is capable of jamming communications, intercepting the positions of UAV operators, disorienting FPV drones, and interfering with the operation of Russian-guided aerial bombs. The system also includes features to "blind" specific models of Russian drones such as the Zala and Orlan.

The Ai-Petri SV system comprises an electronic warfare station, a modern radar station, and an anti-drone device. It is also equipped with secure communications, and an autonomous power supply, and is supported by vehicles for mobility and logistics, including pickups and a command and staff vehicle mounted on a truck chassis.

This system marks an advancement in Ukraine's electronic warfare capabilities, aimed at countering the extensive use of drones and guided munitions by opposing forces. Poroshenko has emphasized the importance of this advancement in the context of modern warfare, a competition of technology and intelligence where drones and EW systems clash. "We must be more modern, more technological, more intelligent than the enemy," he stated. Despite the unveiling of the system's capabilities, some information remains confidential to prevent it from falling into enemy hands.


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