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Ukraine Defence Intelligence posts video of special forces landing in occupied Crimea

On October 5th, the Ukrainian Defense Intelligence released a video showcasing the intense conflict known as the "Artan" operation against Russian occupiers in Crimea. The video provides detailed insights into a nighttime special mission carried out by Ukraine's GUR, according to Valentyna Romanenko's report in Ukrainska Pravda.
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The video provides detailed insights into a nighttime special mission carried out by Ukraine's GUR (Picture source: screenshot from Ukrainian Artan unit's operation)

The special forces engaged in a fierce battle with the Russian invaders, inflicting significant losses on the enemy. "As part of the special operation of the military intelligence of Ukraine on the territory of temporarily occupied Crimea, intelligence officers of the Artan Special Forces Unit of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine landed on the west coast of the peninsula, as well as on the Tendra and Kinburn Spits."

On the way back after completing a combat mission in the Crimea, the soldiers of "Artan" also fought a battle at sea, as the Russians tried to pursue the special forces on surface high-speed patrol boats with air support.

"This is not the first and not the last operation of the Security and Defense Forces of Ukraine on the Crimean Peninsula. Most of them will become known only later. This is a systematic, planned and coordinated work of all involved units. The enemy will feel the consequences of our work for a long time. With our actions, we are constantly reminding the Russian invaders of the inevitability of the liberation of all occupied territories," said Viktor Torkotyuon, the commander of "Artan".


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