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Ukraine starts production of thousands of 120mm mortar ammunition

On August 22, 2023, LLC Ukrainian Armored Technology announced a joint venture with two undisclosed NATO member countries for the production of 120mm mortar ammunition. The 120mm mortar rounds are crucial for the conflict in Ukraine as they are widely used by Ukrainian forces, not only by mortar teams but also by drone operators who do not hesitate to use them as explosive payloads for their UAVs.
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Thousands of 120mm mortar shells will be produced by a joint venture between Ukraine and two NATO countries (Picture source: Ukraine Armored Technology )

The Ukrainian Defense Forces are already benefiting from this cooperation, as thousands of new mortar shells have already been added to their arsenal. This will undoubtedly enhance the firepower and operational capabilities of the Ukrainian army. The trench warfare and the massive use of drones in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict make the demand for 120mm mortar ammunition extremely high. Their large-scale production is therefore an important step for the Ukrainian army.

The "120mm" figure refers to the diameter of the shell. It's a common caliber for medium to large mortars, offering a good balance between portability and firepower. Numerous variants of these munitions exist, and they can fulfill multiple roles. The explosive shell is designed to explode on impact, causing damage to troops and equipment. The smoke shell is used to create a smoke screen and mask troop movements. The illuminating shell is designed to light up an area, typically used at night or in low-light conditions. The gas shell can release tear gas or other types of gas.

Mortars are mainly used to provide indirect fire support to ground troops. They are particularly useful for engaging targets that are in cover or behind obstacles, as the shells can be fired over these obstacles to fall vertically onto the target. Drone operators also make extensive use of this type of ammunition, which they can simply drop on their adversaries.

In the coming months, it will be interesting to see how this collaboration evolves and what other joint initiatives might emerge from the strengthened relationship between NATO and Ukraine. The joint production of 120mm mortar ammunition by Ukrainian Armored Technology and two NATO member countries is a significant development in the defense sector. Not only does it enhance the capabilities of the Ukrainian Defense Forces, but it also solidifies the growing bond between Ukraine and NATO.


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