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Ukraine army uses old M101A1 105mm howitzers donated by Lithuania to shell Russian troops

A video was published on the Twitter account of "TpyxaNews" on November 27, 2022, showing Ukrainian armed forces using old M101A1 105mm towed howitzers donated by Lithuania to shell Russian troops. Despite its age, this artillery gun, which dates from the 1940s, continues to be effective.
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Ukrainian soldiers shell Russian troops using an old M101A1 105mm towed howitzer donated by Lithuania. (Picture source Video Screen shot Twitter TpyxaNews)

In September 2022, the Lithuanian Minister of Defense announced via Twitter the delivery of M101A1 105mm towed howitzers to Ukraine. Citing a military open source, before the war in Ukraine, Lithuania had 18 M101 towed howitzers.

At the beginning of the creation of the Lithuanian armed forces, a large amount of military equipment and weapons were received from the USA, Denmark, Sweden, and Germany. The M101 howitzers were acquired from Denmark in 2002.

The M101 is a towed howitzer that was developed for the United States army and entered into production in 1941. The operation version of the M101 was called M101A1. Since its first production, the M101 has undergone several modifications to extend its service life under the name of M2 and M2A2 or C2 in the Canadian army.

Today, the M101A1 has been retired by the U.S. military, though it continues to be in service with many other countries.

The M101A1 cannon consists of a tube assembly, breech ring, and locking ring. The cannon is mounted on the recoil sleigh assembly. The carriage is of the single axle and split trail type. The trails are divided at emplacement but are drawn together and locked during travel. A drawbar is provided for securing the prime mover. The carriage consists of an equilibrator, shield, elevating mechanism, cradle, gear, elevating arcs, traversing mechanism, top carriage, wheels, and trails.

The M101A1 can be used for direct and indirect fire with a maximum firing range of 11,000 m with a maximum rate of fire of 10 rounds per minute. It can fire all the standard 105mm NATO ammunition and reach a firing range of 15.1 km using rocket-assisted ammunition. It has a total weight of 2,260 kg. It can be towed by a 2.5-ton military vehicle. It is operated by a crew of 8.

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