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Ukraine army to create new anti-aircraft units using Mistral missile mounted on off-road vehicles

According to information published on Social Network, Mistral surface-to-air defense missile system donated by Norway will be mounted on an off-road vehicle to create mobile anti-aircraft units in the Ukrainian armed forces.
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Ukrainian army will mount Mistral air defense missile weapon station on 4x4 all-terrain vehicle. (Picture source VK)

On April 20, 2022, Army Recognition reported that Norway will provide Ukraine with Mistral, a surface-to-air defense missile weapon system that is being used by the Norwegian Navy.

The MISTRAL is a MANPADS (Man-portable air-defense system). The Mistral missile is able to engage a supersonic target flying at 3,000 m of altitude with a maximum firing range of 6,000 m. Mistral is being used for point defense, ship self-defense, defense of mobile units, and air-to-air engagements (ATAM).

In the French army, the Mistral weapon station is mounted on a 4x4 military TRM 2000 or a light tactical vehicle ACMAT TPK4.25-STL offering high mobility in all-terrain conditions.

A Mistral weapon station mounted on a 4x4 all-terrain vehicle will provide air defense capabilities combining high mobility and firepower. It can be operated by one single soldier or by a two-man crew including a team leader. The whole air defense weapon system consists of a lightweight man-portable launcher and one or two missiles ready to fire.

The Mistral can be used to destroy aerial targets such as UAVs, missiles, aircraft, and helicopters.

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