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Ukraine army receives Estonian EFP PK-14 anti-tank mines

According to a tweet from Ukrainian Weapons Tracker posted on September 9, the Ukrainian army has received Estonian K-14 anti-armor (EFP) directional mines. The mine can penetrate about 50mm of steel armor at a distance of 50 meters. These PK-14 mines are already actively used on the front lines.
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Terramil Explosively Formed Penetrator (EFP) PK-14 anti-armor mine (Picture source: Twitter account of Ukrainian Weapons Tracker)

This Terramil anti-armor mine is produced under Eesti Arenal licence. The Explosively Formed Penetrator (EFP) PK-14 is a high-performance munition combining small mass, operational simplicity, accuracy and affordability. PK 14 is specifically effective against all types of armored vehicles, protected transports and installations. It is quick and easy to install and operate in all weather and jamming conditions.

Technical data: diameter 160mm. Height: 110mm. Net explosive quantity: 1.5 kg. Type of explosive material: PBX. Penetration: minimum 50mm of steel at 50m. Safe distance at 290° rear: 25 m. Operational between -35° and +50°C. Mass (full set box of 8): 43 kg (contains EFP, initiation, mounting equipment). Dimensions (box) : 799 x 375 x 355 mm.


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