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UK plans sending Mastiff MRAP and Jackal patrol vehicles to Ukraine

According to various media, the United Kingdom is drawing up plans to send Mastiff MRAP and Jackal special forces vehicles to Ukraine. The vehicles would be stripped of their British Army sensitive equipment (armament and radios) and British troops would be sent to a country neighboring Ukraine to carry out training, The Times reported, citing a Defence source..
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Mastiff MRAP (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Mastiff is a heavily armored, 6x6 patrol vehicle that carries eight troops, plus two: commander and driver. It is currently on its third variation. It is suitable for road patrols and convoys and is the newest in a range of protected patrol vehicles being used for operations in the British Army. Mastiff can reach 90 km/h, is armed with the latest weapon systems, including a 7.62mm general-purpose machine gun, a 12.7mm heavy machine gun, or a 40mm automatic grenade launcher. The vehicle is equipped with Bowman radios and electronic countermeasures and is fitted with additional armor (or "cage armor") beyond the standard level.

A total of over 700 Mastiff and Ridgback vehicles have been armored and integrated by NP Aerospace over the last 15 years for use in various operational theatres involving British forces.

The Jackal, or MWMIK which stands for Mobility Weapon-Mounted Installation Kit, is a family of vehicles designed and developed by Supacat Ltd at their factory in Honiton, Devon (UK) for use by the British Army and Royal Air Force Regiment. Supacat re-branded to SC Group in September 2015, the Supacat brand was retained for the group's core defense business. The primary role of the vehicle in the British Army is deep battlespace reconnaissance, rapid assault and fire support - roles where mobility, endurance and maneuverability are important - and it has also been used for convoy protection.

Jackal 2 is a high mobility weapons platform, with a unique air-bag suspension system allowing rapid movement across varying terrain. It is designed to protect personnel against roadside explosions (the chassis is heavier than its predecessor to give additional protection). Jackal 2 is armed with a General Purpose Machine Gun for crew protection and can carry either a Heavy Machine Gun or an automatic grenade launcher as the main weapons in the fire support role.

The gun ring has been moved forward to give a 360-degree sweep of fire. Jackal 2 is closely related to the new Coyote tactical support vehicle, which is a six-wheel, Jackal-based armored vehicle. The Jackal can carry an increased payload and fuel compared to its predecessor, allowing it to carry greater amounts of additional equipment and protection over long distances, and it is able to support itself and its crew for distances of over 497 mi (800 km).

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Jackal 2 patrol vehicle (Picture source: Army Recognition)


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