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Operational situation in the Ukraine - Russia war on 17 March 2022

According to information published on the Facebook page of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense on 17th March 2022, 6.00 pm, the situation in Ukraine was as follows: Russian occupation troops have lost their offensive potential and will be stopped in all directions, the Ministry writes. The Russian armed forces have significant logistical problems and continue to bear losses. In some directions, the blocking by the Ukrainian Armed Forces is implemented.
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Russian troops with an MT-LB tracked armored vehicle in Nova Astrakhan, Ukraine. (Picture source:  VK account Военный Осведомитель)

Due to the fact that the Russian armed forces used almost the entire set of winged sea-based missiles and operational Iskander-M tactical missiles in the first twenty days of operations, they continue to launch missile strikes across the border, targeting infrastructure and residential areas of large cities.

The Russian troops continue to hold the Ukrainian city of Mariupol under siege and have moved to the total destruction of civil infrastructure objects, residential buildings, and life insurance facilities, creating the ancestors to deepen the humanitarian crisis in the city.

In addition to the units of the Russian armed forces operating in the Kherson region, FSB agent groups also perform punitive operations. The enemy is campaigning to involve the locals in the so-called "police".

According to available information, due to the heavy lack of quality equipment and troops in the temporarily occupied territories of the Donetsk region, another wave of mobilization at the 1st Corps began.

Aviation units of the Russian 960th Assault Aviation Regiment of the 4th Russian Army suffered significant losses. The moral-psychological state of the flying personnel is extremely low. Cases are reported of filing reports of dismissal due to reluctance to participate in combat operations on Ukrainian territory.

The Ukrainian defenders caused significant losses to the units of the 252nd Mechanized Brigade of the Russian Western Military District conducting combat operations in the Kharkiv and Izyuma areas. They lost up to 30% of personnel, weapons, and military equipment. In addition, Ukrainian Defense Force units eliminated the commander of the 3rd Motor Rifle Division, Colonel Igor Nikolayev.

On the 22nd day of the Russian invasion, occupation forces lost their offensive potential and are stopped in all directions. The enemy faces big logistical problems and continues to suffer heavy losses. In some areas, it blocks Ukrainian Armed Forces units. Due to the fact that the enemy used almost the entire set of sea-based Kaliber cruise missiles as well as Iskander-M tactical missiles during the first twenty days of the operation, the enemy continues to launch missiles and bomb strikes on infrastructure and housing neighborhoods of major cities, using indiscriminate weapons.

The Russians continue to keep the Ukrainian city of Mariupol under siege and are methodically implementing the total destruction of civilian infrastructure, housing and livelihoods, creating the preconditions for a worsening humanitarian crisis in the city.

In order to intimidate the civilian population in the temporarily occupied territories, the invaders abducted and arrested representatives of state authorities and local self-government authorities.


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