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Russian T-90M Proryv tanks using drones to reach artillery accuracy in Ukraine

Joint operations by Russian crews of the most modern T-90M Proryv tanks and small-size drone operators in the area of the war in Ukraine make it possible to bring the accuracy of tank cannons to an artillery level, a drone operator codenamed Bird said.
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The T-90M Proryv (Breakthrough) is the most modern and advanced MBT in the T-90 family (Picture source: Russian MoD)

“At present, we are learning to arc fire. It is when the target is invisible and the range of fire varies from 4 to 12 kilometers. Everything is done with the help of a drone, which monitors how a shell flies and makes adjustments in a bid to achieve maximum precision. This is a relatively new manner of shelling, which has not been practiced before. We are doing quite well — almost at the artillery level, " he said in a video released by the Russian Defense Ministry.

At the moment, the servicemen are undergoing joint training in the rear zone of the operations. A drone-assisted tank crew receives more accurate coordinates of targets and makes adjustments for more effective destruction of manpower and materiel. Besides, drones help servicemen gain control in the air and lower the probability that the tank will be destroyed by hostile subversive groups or by an enemy tank or antitank missile team.

The T-90M Proryv (Breakthrough) is the most modern and advanced MBT in the T-90 family. It is also the most suitable for the conditions of modern combat thanks to the presence of all-aspect protection, a modern round-the-clock highly automated fire control system and measures aimed at increasing survivability.

T-90M tanks have a fundamentally new turret, which is different from the serial variant, and a more powerful engine (1,130 HP). Proryv tanks are armed with a 125mm gun that can fire new high-power ammunition as well as a guided missile, which can destroy adversary tanks at a range of up to 5 kilometers. A new multi-channel sight makes it possible to use the weapons any time of the day. Another major characteristic of the upgraded tank is the ability to exchange data with other tanks and vehicles.

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