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Russian soldiers use MT-12 anti-tank gun with drone assistance to target Ukrainian positions

The Russian artillery units of the Western Military District, deployed in Ukraine for combat operations, use MT-12 100mm anti-tank guns to destroy Ukrainian artillery batteries, defensive structures, suppress command posts and eliminate enemy firepower, ammunition depots, weaponry, and military equipment. They are assisted by drones to identify targets and adjust fire.
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Russian army continues to use old MT-12 anti-tank guns to target Ukrainian positions. (Picture source Sputnik International)

The MT-12 100mm anti-tank gun, also known as the "Rapira," has been an essential component of Russian artillery units since its introduction in the 1970s. Initially designed to counter heavily armored vehicles, the MT-12 has proven its effectiveness against a wide array of targets. In this article, we delve into the combat capabilities and technical features of the MT-12 100mm anti-tank gun.

One of the key strengths of the MT-12 is its versatility. Although primarily intended for use against heavy armored vehicles, it has demonstrated the ability to engage various targets, such as defensive structures, command posts, enemy firepower, ammunition depots, and other military equipment. This adaptability makes the MT-12 a valuable asset in diverse combat scenarios.

Additionally, the MT-12 is capable of operating from both direct-fire and concealed positions, providing artillery units with enhanced tactical flexibility. The gun's firing range increases when fired from concealed positions, allowing it to strike targets from a greater distance. Furthermore, artillery units employing the MT-12 can benefit from drone integration for target identification and fire adjustment, leading to greater accuracy and efficiency in combat operations.

The MT-12 is a 100mm towed anti-tank gun, boasting a bore diameter of 100mm. This caliber equips the gun with the firepower necessary to penetrate the armor of heavily armored vehicles effectively. Moreover, the MT-12 is capable of firing up to six shots per minute, ensuring a rapid rate of fire that can overwhelm enemy defenses.

With a firing range exceeding 7 kilometers at full charge, the MT-12 allows artillery units to engage targets from a safe distance, minimizing the risk of counter-battery fire. The gun's ammunition load consists of several types of ammunition, including armor-piercing sub-caliber projectiles for destroying armored targets, high-explosive anti-tank projectiles for direct fire against heavily armored targets, and fragmentation high-explosive projectiles for engaging enemy forces, firing points, and field-engineering structures.

When equipped with a special guidance device, the MT-12 can fire anti-tank missiles, expanding its range of possible targets and further enhancing its combat capabilities.

In conclusion, despite its age, the MT-12 100mm anti-tank gun is a powerful and versatile weapon system that has effectively served the Russian military for several decades. Its unique combination of combat capabilities and technical features make it an invaluable tool for artillery units, enabling them to engage a wide variety of targets with precision and efficiency. As modern warfare continues to evolve, the MT-12 remains a valuable asset, providing critical support to ground forces in various combat scenarios.

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