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Russian ISDM Zemledeliye mine-laying vehicles slow down Ukrainian army's counter-offensive

London, United Kingdom, July 5, 2023 – As per a report issued by the British Ministry of Defense on July 4, 2023, the Russian army has been heavily employing and optimizing anti-tank tactics using ISDM Zemledeliye mine-laying vehicles to confront Ukrainian armored counter-offensive operations in southern Ukraine in recent days.
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The Russian army has used its ISDM Zemledeliye Mine mine-laying system near the city of Zaporizhia, southeastern Ukraine. (Picture source Twitter account "ZOKA @200_zoka").

Central to this approach has been Russia's prolific use of the ISDM Zemledeliye, the latest generation of its mobile mine laying system. The system has been deployed extensively across the battlefield, with some areas showing a density of minefields surpassing typical Russian military doctrine. This unusual mine usage indicates that Russia has most likely exhausted its standard inventory and deployed more mines than initially planned.

After successfully impeding the Ukrainian advance with these dense minefields, Russian forces have then attempted to engage Ukrainian armored vehicles using a combination of uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs), attack helicopters, and artillery. These tactics form part of a coordinated one-way attack strategy.

The British Ministry's report notes that Russia has managed to achieve some degree of success with these tactics in the initial stages of Ukraine's counter-offensive. However, the same report also highlights some significant problems that Russia is currently facing.

In particular, Russian forces are dealing with over-stretched units and an acute shortage of artillery munitions. These weaknesses may curtail the long-term effectiveness of the Russian anti-tank strategy, possibly preventing a decisive victory over the Ukrainian counter-offensive.

The latest findings by the British Ministry of Defense underline the escalating tensions in the region and the complexity of the warfare tactics being deployed. The ongoing use of the ISDM Zemledeliye by Russia also underscores the increasing reliance on advanced technology and automated warfare systems in modern conflicts. The effectiveness and repercussions of these tactics will no doubt be studied by military strategists worldwide.

The ISDM Zemledeliye represents the newest installment of Russian mine laying system launchers, designed on the framework of an 8x8 Kamaz 6560 military truck. It includes a cabin for crew in the front and supports two sets of 25 122mm tube launchers. These launchers are equipped to dispatch either anti-tank or anti-personnel mines.

The ISDM Zemledeliye exhibits impressive mining capabilities, with the potential to blanket an area equivalent to several football fields in mere minutes. The system boasts a firing range that extends from 5 to 15 km, deploying 122mm caliber missiles. Each missile is fitted with a warhead containing either anti-tank or anti-personnel mines.

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The Russian-made ISDM Zemledeliye remote mine-laying system launch a set of whole minefields in a single salvo from 5 to 15 kilometers away. (Picture source Vitaly Kuzmin)

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