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Russian army uses Prokhod robotic demining system in Ukraine

All-Russian Research Institute "Signal", the developer of the robotic (optionally-manned) demining system called "Prokhod-1", confirmed the use of its system by the Russian army during the war in Ukraine. Vladimir Pimenov, General Director of Signal, comments on this use, reported on
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Prokhod-1, pictured in a social media video filmed in Ukraine, equipped with a heavy TMT-S mine trawl. The vehicle has obviously been damaged by mine explosions (Picture source: Tik Tok)

As the head of the research institute explained, the Prokhod engineer robot was developed by order of the Ministry of Defense. It is an optionally manned mine clearing system designed by VNII Signal (part of the Rostec conglomerate). The system includes a robotic BMR-3MA tracked mine clearing vehicle and a Kamaz-based command vehicle. Unlike the Uran-6 system, it is able to withstand the explosion of anti-tank mines. As reported in July, the system is located in the zone of the North-East Military District, where it participates in the demining of land in Donbas.

Prokhod-1 is capable of using modern roller mine trawls KMT-7 and KMT-8. The system creates a 4.5-meter wide passage in a minefield. It is also equipped with cutters that cut the wires of remotely controlled land mines and an electronic jamming system for radio-controlled land mines.

So far, there has been no official announcement about the adoption of the system by the Russian army.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Prokhod-1 (Picture source:


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