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Russia uses in Ukraine new UPAB-1500B GPS-guided gliding bomb to destroy highly protected targets

According to several Ukrainian media, the Russian armed forces will have used for the first time in Ukraine its new UPAB-1500B GPS-guided gliding bomb which is designed to destroy highly protected military targets.
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The UPAB-1500B GPS-guided gliding bomb can be dropped by a Su-34 fighter/bomber aircraft. (Picture source Vitaly Kuzmin)

Gliding bombs are a type of munitions that use wings to glide towards their target, rather than being propelled by a rocket or jet engine. These bombs are typically dropped from an aircraft and use an aerodynamic lift to extend their range and accuracy. Gliding bombs can be guided or unguided and can be designed to carry a variety of warheads, such as high-explosive or precision-guided munitions.

According to Ukrainian defense website Defense Express, the use of this UPAB-1500B bomb in the Chernihiv region would be an 'isolated case'. But that is not what the Russians say, who claim that several bombs were recently used to strike fortified positions held by the Ukrainian armed forces in the Donbass region.

The UPAB-1500B is a Russian-made precision guided bomb designed to carry out precision attacks using GLONASS GPS channel. The bomb has a blast yield of up to 1,500 kg of TNT and is designed to destroy hardened targets such as bunkers, command posts, and underground facilities. The UPAB-1500B is a highly effective weapon that can cause significant damage to enemy infrastructure and military installations.

The UPAB-1500B bomb is dropped by a Su-34 Fullback or Su-24 Fencer bomber aircraft at an altitude of approximately 45,000 feet, 40/50 km away from the target. Its trajectory can be modified a few moments before reaching its target.

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