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Russia uses in Ukraine modernized 2S7M Malka 203mm most powerful gun system in the world

The armed forces of Russia use the most powerful 203mm self-propelled artillery gun system in the world, called 2S7M Malka, during the combat operations in Ukraine and providing artillery support for Russian troops. The previous version of the 2S7M is also in service with the Ukrainian armed forces.
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Modernized 2S7M Malka 203mm self-propelled gun in Ukraine. (Picture source Russian MoD)

According to information published by the Military Balance 2021, the Russian armed forces have a total of 320 2S7 Pion 203mm tracked self-propelled gun systems including 60 modernized version 2S7M Malka and 260 2S7M in store while the Ukrainian armed forces have a total of around 100 2S7 Pion with 13 in operational service and 83 in store.

The 2S7 Pion is a Soviet-made self-propelled 203mm heavy artillery system. In the West, it has been referred to as the M-1975 as this is the year when the system was first observed. The former Soviet ground forces began receiving the 203 mm Model 1975 (M-1975) self-propelled gun in 1975. It is estimated that well over 1,000 of these systems have been completed, although the Russian Federation has not released any production figures. It is the largest tracked self-propelled gun in the Russian inventory.

The 2S7 Pion is based on tracked armored chassis and is armed with a 2A44 203 mm gun mounted at the rear of the hull. it can fire standard 203 mm HE (High Explosive) rounds designated ZOF 43 and weighs 110 kg. The vehicle carries a total of four projectiles and charges for immediate use. The remainder of the ammunition load is carried by another vehicle, usually a truck. In addition, the 2S7 can also fire a rocket-assisted high-explosive projectile that weighs 103 kg and has a maximum firing range of 47,500 m.

The gun operator of the 2S7 Pion is seated at the rear of the vehicle on the left side and for the engagement of targets has a standard PG-1M panoramic day telescope that is used in conjunction with the K-1 collimator. For engaging targets in the direct fire mode, he uses the day OP4M-87 telescope

The 2S7 has been upgraded to the standard 2S7M Malka in 1983 and a modernized version of the 2S7M was handed over to the Russian army in December 2021. The 2S7M Malka is equipped with R-173 communications equipment and can carry a total of eight 203 mm projectiles and charges. In addition, the rate of fire is increased from 1.5 to 2.5 rds/min, the durability of the system has been improved, and firing data can be transmitted directly to the gun.

The modernization of the 2S7M was carried out at Uraltransmash and features a new gearbox, distribution mechanisms, power supply units, observation devices and guidance system, intercom equipment, and radio station. The CBRN protection system has been updated. Additionally, it is now possible to aim at a target using a UAV.

Russia uses in Ukraine modernized 2S7M Malka 203mm most powerful gun ystem in the world 925 002
Russian army 2S7M Malka 203mm self-propelled gun system (Picture source Army Recognition)

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