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Russia Strengthens Second Line of Defense in Donbas but Is Slowed Down by Ukrainian Drones

According to a tweet from Ukrainian Front dated August 29, 2023, the Russian army is in the process of strengthening its second line of defense in the Donbas region. However, the pace of construction is significantly hindered by Ukrainian FPV kamikaze drones operated by the RAROG unit. Although this information may seem trivial, it could indicate Russia's lack of confidence in maintaining a reliable and robust first line of defense for an extended period.
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Russian fortifying positions were attacked by Ukrainian drones from the RAROG Unit (Picture source: Twitter account of Ukrainian Front )

The Russian defense has proven its effectiveness during the Ukrainian counter-offensive. Nevertheless, several analysts and testimonies suggest that a breakthrough might have been made near Robotyne in southern Ukraine. The reinforcement of the second line of fortifications by the Russians in Donbas could be an additional sign that the Russian first line of defense is in a precarious position. To prevent a strong second line, Ukrainians are attacking, with the help of kamikaze drones, several elements of the Russian army responsible for its reinforcement.

The FPV kamikaze drones have proven to be a significant obstacle for the Russian army. These drones are designed for one-way missions to deliver payloads directly to enemy targets. They are equipped with advanced navigation systems and can be remotely piloted, making them highly effective against stationary targets like bunkers and artillery positions. Slow-moving vehicles engaged in fortification are thus ideal targets for these types of drones.

Ukraine is making slow progress, and the presence of a second line of fortification as effective as the first would not be good news for the armed forces. Attacking Russian engineering troops responsible for the construction is therefore good preparation for launching an assault on this line.

The widespread use of drones in Ukraine has led to the emergence of various anti-drone systems. From jammers to cages welded onto chassis, every measure is being taken to prevent these flying devils from striking installations or vehicles. If Russia wishes to effectively prepare this second line, it will also need to find a solution to protect its engineering vehicles. If the first line were indeed breached and the second line of fortification was not adequately prepared, we could witness another Russian debacle in Ukraine.


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