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Russia Deploys in Ukraine New Lancet Drone Able to Counter Drone Nets and Countermeasures

In a significant development in military technology, the Russian armed forces have recently deployed in Ukraine an upgraded version of the Lancet loitering munition, also known as a kamikaze drone able to counter drone nets and countermeasures. This new model exhibits remarkable improvements in combat capabilities against armored vehicles, as evidenced in a video released on the social network Telegram.
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The new Lancet drone is able to counter drone nets and countermeasures thanks to the use of a two-stage attack. (Picture source Telegram)

The advanced Lancet drone distinguishes itself by evading traditional anti-drone defenses, including nets and electronic countermeasures. This stealth capability significantly increases the likelihood of the drone reaching its target undetected, a formidable advancement in battlefield tactics. The video analysis reveals the drone's ability to execute a two-stage attack: an initial explosion near the target, followed by a second, armor-penetrating blast.

In a recent engagement, this enhanced drone was utilized against an American-made Bradley armored tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) operated by the Ukrainian army. The Lancet's new features include sophisticated lidar technology, incorporating a laser rangefinder and dual optical cameras. This innovation allows for precise targeting and optimal warhead detonation distance, maximizing the drone's effectiveness.

A key element in the drone's design is the use of Explosive Formed Penetrators (EFPs). These EFPs, capable of traveling several meters without deformation, are adept at bypassing additional protective measures on armored vehicles. EFPs, also known as self-forging warheads, are specialized in penetrating armor at greater distances compared to standard-shaped charges.

The introduction of this advanced Lancet drone into military operations marks a pivotal shift in the dynamics of drone warfare. Its combination of stealth, precision targeting, and enhanced penetration capabilities make it a significant asset in military operations against heavily armored targets. This technological advancement not only underscores the continuous evolution of military technology but also has significant implications for future combat strategies and the landscape of modern warfare.

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