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Russia captures first US-supplied Bradley M2A2 ODS-SA IFV in Ukraine

As reported on Russian social media as of November 5, 2023, the Russian Armed Forces have captured their first Bradley M2A2 ODS-SA Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) near the villages of Avdiivka and Stepove in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine. The captured Bradley, which was supplied by the United States to Ukraine, was equipped with the BRAT protection kit.
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Russian soldiers immediately began the process of examining and disassembling the captured Bradley M2A2, and current images show the removal of certain components of the BRAT armor plates. (Picture source: VK)

Unlike the Swedish CV9040, which was exposed in Moscow in the condition it was captured, the Russian soldiers immediately began the process of examining and disassembling the captured US Bradley IFV. Current images show the removal of certain components of the BRAT armor plates, specifically from the upper front plate and the cannon. The BRAT is a standard feature of this vehicle, strategically installed on the front lines before engaging in combat to enhance the safety of the Bradley.

The BRAT protection kit is widely used by the US military in deployments in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, specifically tailored for Bradley M2A2s. Developed collaboratively by General Dynamics and the Israeli company Rafael, this armor set comes in several variants. The version utilized by Ukrainian forces comprises 96 elements (tiles) affixed to the front, sides of the hull, and turret, secured on a framework with fasteners. Notably, it can be assembled even in field conditions.

The precise performance specifications of the BRAT elements, particularly their resistance to shaped charge weapons, are classified. However, the manufacturers emphasize that this armor set is designed to offer protection against a range of threats, encompassing anti-tank rocket-propelled grenades and various modern missiles, including long-range guided missiles.

The Bradley M2A2 ODS-SA, produced by BAE Systems, represents an upgraded iteration of the M2A2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle within the US Army's Armored Brigade Combat Team. Positioned as a modern armored combat vehicle, the Bradley integrates firepower, mobility, survivability, and advanced electronics.

In terms of firepower, the Bradley is armed with a Bushmaster 25mm cannon for both explosive and armor-piercing rounds, TOW missiles for anti-armor capabilities, and a coaxial 7.62mm machine gun for close-range effectiveness. Survivability is prioritized through enhanced armor protection, roof fragmentation safeguards, and mounts for additional armor tiles, particularly effective against shaped charge munitions.

The Bradley's mobility is augmented by an increased driver field of vision and the incorporation of an Inertial Navigation System (INS), crucial for maneuverability in urban combat scenarios. Digitized electronics contribute to situational awareness and communication within the Armored Brigade Combat Team. The vehicle's specifications include a combat weight of 34,250 kg, accommodating up to 10 personnel. Powered by a 600 hp engine and equipped with a 662-liter fuel tank, the Bradley achieves a speed of 61 km/h and a cruising range of 402 km.


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