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Russia Captures in Ukraine State-of-the-Art British-Made HMT Extenda Mk2 Special Forces Vehicle

On March 2, 2024, the Army Recognition editorial team reported that the Ukrainian armed forces received 14 HMT Extenda Mk 2 high mobility vehicles from Australia. These vehicles, designed and manufactured by the British company Supacat, are also in service with the British army, where they are known as Coyote. Citing information published on the Russian social network VK on April 15, 2024, Russian forces have captured one Supacat HMT Extenda Mk2 vehicle, which was previously abandoned by Ukrainian soldiers in the Avdiivka area.
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Russia captured a British-made Supacat HMT Extenda Mk2 abandoned by Ukrainian soldiers. (Picture source Russian Social Network VK)

The Extenda Mk2 represents the latest evolution of the operationally proven HMT platform developed and designed by the British Company Supacat. It stands out with its exceptional payload capacity and superior off-road performance, coupled with ease of operational transport. Unique to its class, the Extenda Mk2 benefits from Supacat's modular design philosophy, which allows for multiple configuration options right from the factory. This flexibility extends through the vehicle's lifetime, accommodating various mission modules and protection levels to adapt to evolving requirements.

The Extenda Mk2 is extensively used by Special Forces around the world and boasts a unique capability: it serves as a versatile platform that can be configured as either a 4x4 or a 6x6 wheel drive vehicle. This flexibility allows operators to customize the vehicle according to the specific requirements of each mission.

The capture of an HMT Extenda Mk 2 by Russian forces presents a significant opportunity to study this vehicle, which has no equivalent in the Russian military inventory. Its innovative and flexible platform can switch between a 4x4 and a 6x6 configuration thanks to its detachable third axle. Additionally, its modular hull facilitates quick transformations of the platform.

The HMT Extenda is available with optional ballistic and mine blast protection kits, as well as seats designed to protect the crew from such threats, incorporating armor developed in collaboration with Jankel Armouring.

In terms of mobility, the HMT Extenda can reach a top road speed of 120 km/h and has a maximum road range of 700 km for the 4x4 configuration and 800 km for the 6x6. It features approach and departure angles of 40°, a ramp over angle of 150°, and can handle gradients of 60% and side slopes of 35%. The vehicle is also capable of fording depths up to 1,000 mm.

Following previous events in which European-designed combat vehicles, such as the CV90 and the US-made Bradley M2A2, used by the Ukrainian army were captured, the Russian army has once again gained access to the latest Western defense technologies. The Supacat HMT Extenda represents the pinnacle of state-of-the-art multirole combat vehicles, specifically tailored for Special Forces operations.

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