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Pro-Russian fighters use modernized BRDM-2A 4x4 armored vehicles in Ukraine

According to a picture released on the Russian social network website VK on April 22, 2021, Pro-Russian separatist armed forces who fight with the Russian army in Ukraine use the BRDM-2A, also called BRDM-2M which is a modernized version of the Soviet-made BRDM-2, a 4x4 wheeled reconnaissance armored vehicle.
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BRDM-2A 4x4 reconnaissance armored vehicle used by Pro-Russian separatist troops in Ukraine. (Picture source Russian VK Social Networks)

The BRDM-2 is Soviet made 4x4 armored vehicle that was designed as the successor of the BRDM-1. It was first seen in public during a military parade in 1966. The BRDM-2 is based on a 4x4 wheeled chassis with the driver is seated at the front of the hull on the left with the vehicle commander to his right. The front of the hull is fitted with two bulletproof windscreens to their front which can be covered by an armored shutter, hinged at the top, when the vehicle is in combat areas.

A one-man turret is mounted in the center of the roof hull which is armed with one 14.5 mm KPVT heavy machine gun and one coaxial 7.62 mm caliber PKT machine gun. The engine compartment is located at the rear of the hull. Some upgrade version of the BRDM-2 was fitted with a rectangular mounted on each side of the hull.

The BRDM-2A or BRDM-2M keeps the same design as the previous version of the BRDM-2 with driver and commander located at the front of the hull and a one-man turret mounted on the roof of the vehicle armed with the same armament.

The BRDM-2A features many new improvements including a new more powerful D-245.9 Diesel engine. Each side of the vehicle is now equipped with a trapezoidal door. The two chain-driven belly wheels uses to improve cross-country performance mounted to the original BRDM-2 have been removed. The vehicle can run at a maximum road speed of 110 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 800 km.

The BRDM-2A seems to keep its amphibious capabilities thanks to single water-jet mounted at the rear of the hull. In the water, the vehicle can reach a top speed of 7 km/h.

The BRDM-2A is fitted with the one turret BPU-1 turret which is also mounted on the Soviet-made BTR-80, 8x8 armored personnel carrier. The turret is armed with one 14.5 mm KPVT heavy machine gun and one 7.62 mm PKT machine gun. The vehicle is fitted with R-168-25UE (VHF radio set) and R-173 (Radio station) communication systems.

Pro Russian fighters use modernized BRDM 2A 4x4 armored vehicles in Ukraine 925 002
Russian army BRDM-2A also called BRDM-2M 4x4 wheeled reconnaissance armored vehicle. (Picture source Vitaly Kuzmin)

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