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Netherlands joins IT Coalition to support Ukraine and contributes over $ 10 mn

During the Ukraine Defense Contact Group meeting on January 23rd in the Ramstein format, the Netherlands officially joined the IT coalition, a development reported by Ukraine's Defense Ministry on January 27th and confirmed by Maria Tril in Euromaidan. Led by Estonia and Luxembourg, this coalition is dedicated to supporting Ukraine's Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces in the fields of IT, communications, and cybersecurity. The Netherlands has demonstrated its commitment by contributing a substantial 10 million euros, equivalent to over $10 million in funding.
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Contextual artist rendering aiming at illustrating the Dutch-Ukrainian cooperation in cyberdefense (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The IT Coalition operates as a specialized group within the Ukraine Defense Contact Group, featuring 12 member countries: Ukraine, Belgium, Great Britain, Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Japan.

In response to the increased cyber threats following Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, there have been notable cyberattacks targeting Ukraine's critical infrastructure. On January 25th, these attacks struck various Ukrainian e-services, including Naftogaz (the national gas supplier), Ukrposhta (the postal service), and the Shliakh border crossing system.

In December 2023, Russia targeted Kyivstar, Ukraine's largest telecommunications operator, and Monobank, one of the country's leading banks. Kyivstar required several weeks to restore its normal operations after these attacks.

Denmark also played a significant role within the Contact Group, allocating 91 million Danish crowns (approximately $13.2 million) to support Ukraine's cyber defense initiatives within the IT coalition. These funds are designated for various cybersecurity projects aimed at strengthening Ukraine's Armed Forces and Defense Ministry, contributing to the long-term resilience of Ukraine's cyber defenses.

Kateryna Chernohorenko, the Deputy Minister of Defense for Digital Development, Transformation, and Digitalization, emphasized the transformative role of technology in shifting from positional warfare to maneuver warfare. The IT coalition serves as the cornerstone for implementing innovative technological solutions, and Chernohorenko expressed gratitude to the coalition's partners for their unwavering support, particularly in the domains of IT, cybersecurity, and innovation.

Estonia and Luxembourg, as prominent coalition members, made substantial contributions. Estonia provided 500,000 euros (approximately $72,000), while Luxembourg contributed a substantial 10 million euros, surpassing $10 million. These contributions underscore their dedication to bolstering Ukraine's cybersecurity and IT capabilities. Additionally, Lithuania and Latvia have offered material assistance through licenses and equipment, further fortifying the coalition's collective efforts.

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