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MT-LB armored vehicle fitted with 2M-3 25mm naval gun in Ukraine

In a tweet from AFV Recognition dated September 3, an unconventional pairing was spotted: the MT-LB multi-purpose armored vehicle fitted with a 2M-3 twin 25mm naval gun turret. Although the combination appears unstable, the presumed objective of this setup is not accurate fire but rather indirect fire and suppression.
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MT-LB multipurpose tracked armored vehicle equipped with 2M-3 25mm naval gun (Picture source: Twitter account of AFV Recognition )

In Ukraine, it's not uncommon to see hybrid vehicles, with Ukrainians and Russians competing in creativity on this front. Here we can see an MT-LB mounted with a 2M-3 twin 25mm turret. The construction appears more than shaky, but we will delve into what this combination can bring to the armed forces in the area. This vehicle is part of the Russian armed forces and is likely to be part of the 2nd motorized fusiliers battalion of the 39 infantry brigade.

The MT-LB is a multi-purpose armored vehicle of Soviet origin that has been in service since the 1970s. It is designed for various roles, including troop transport, command, and control. The vehicle is powered by a 240-horsepower diesel engine, allowing it to reach speeds of up to 61 km/h on roads and 30 km/h off-road. With a weight of approximately 11.9 tons, the MT-LB has a payload capacity of 2.5 tons and can carry up to 11 personnel. Its armor provides protection against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters, making it a reliable choice for various military applications.

The 2M-3 25mm naval gun, on the other hand, is a twin-barreled autocannon originally designed for naval applications. It has a rate of fire of up to 800 rounds per minute per barrel and can engage targets at ranges up to 2 km for aerial targets and 4 km for surface targets. The weapon system is generally used for anti-aircraft and anti-missile roles but can also be employed against smaller naval or ground targets.

Although the setup may appear unstable, it is likely that the primary objective is to provide a mobile platform capable of delivering a high volume of indirect fire for suppression purposes. The high rate of fire of the 2M-3 can be particularly useful for laying down suppressive fire, allowing other units to maneuver or withdraw under its cover. While the combination may not offer surgical precision, the sheer volume of fire can be an asset in specific tactical situations.

This hybrid is most certainly not a "game-changer," but it remains interesting to see what such a combination can bring to the armed forces present in Ukraine. It remains to be seen whether the turret will detach from the chassis in the coming days.

MT LB Armored Vehicle Equipped with 2M 3 25mm Naval Gun in Ukraine 925 002MT-LB and 2M-3 25 mm naval gun ( picture source: Vitaly V.Kuzmin)


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