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Lindner German Finance Minister Proposes New €5 Billion Aid Plan for Ukraine

On August 14, 2023, Germany announced its commitment to provide annual military support to Ukraine totaling €5 billion until the year 2027. This revelation came from German Finance Minister Christian Lindner during a joint press conference with Ukrainian Finance Minister Serhiy Marchenko in Kyiv. Lindner highlighted this substantial commitment from the German government, although it still awaits approval from the German parliament.
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Christian Lindner and Sergii Marchenko during the accord on 14 August 2023 (Picture source: German Ministry of Finance )

The backdrop for this commitment traces back to discussions among European Union foreign ministers on July 20 in Brussels. These deliberations revolved around the potential allocation of €5 billion per year for Ukraine's military needs from the European Peace Fund over the next four years. EU High Representative Josep Borrell emphasized the importance of this proposal, framing it as an estimation of long-term security obligations and defense requirements for Ukraine.

Germany has demonstrated robust support for Ukraine through an impressive array of military resources and equipment. These contributions include increasing the tracked all-terrain vehicles Bandvagn 206 to 28 units, as well as adding 10 main battle tanks LEOPARD 1A5. Additionally, 138 MG3 machine guns have been allocated for use with the LEOPARD 2, MARDER, and DACHS tanks.

Support in the realm of air defense has also materialized, with the provision of 2 PATRIOT launchers, 46 self-propelled anti-aircraft guns GEPARD, 2 air surveillance radar TRML-4D, and 2 Iris-T SLM air defense systems, accompanied by their corresponding missiles. Furthermore, a PATRIOT air defense system with missiles was supplied to further enhance airborne protection capabilities.

Assistance also extends to the artillery domain, encompassing advanced ammunition and equipment. Notable additions include 12,461 rounds of 155mm smoke ammunition, as well as 2-wheeled self-propelled howitzers Zuzana 2, a project jointly financed with Denmark and Norway.

In terms of military engineering capabilities, resources for explosive ordnance disposal, mine clearing tanks WISENT 1, bridge systems, armored recovery vehicles, and other essential equipment have been provided.

In the realm of specialized and protective equipment, Germany has delivered a diverse range of materials, including border protection vehicles, reconnaissance drones, drone detection devices, night vision goggles, and much more.

Germany has thus delivered a comprehensive range of equipment, solidifying its role as a major contributor to aid sent to Ukraine. While the aforementioned equipment is not an exhaustive list, it does represent Germany's commitment to providing Ukraine with the means to defend its territory.

In addition to military aid, Germany's commitment extends to humanitarian assistance and support for Ukrainian immigrants residing within its borders. The country's involvement also encompasses contributions to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Lindner emphasized that Germany's aid to Ukraine, totaling €22 billion since the onset of the large-scale conflict, marks a transition from being a mere donor to becoming a partner.


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