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Germany delivers additional WISENT 1 mine clearing tanks to Ukraine

According to a recent statement released by Germany, two Wisent 1 MC Mine Clearing tanks have been delivered to Ukraine, along with 7 unspecified unmanned demining vehicles and 11 mine plows for the T-72 tank. The purpose of this delivery is to support Ukraine in its ongoing efforts to clear mined territories. This delivery was confirmed through a list posted on the German Ministry of Defense website on August 4, 2023.
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Germany delivers additional demining equipment to Ukraine, including the WISENT 1 (Picture source FFG)

With this new military package, Germany has now delivered a total of six Wisent 1 MC tanks to Ukraine, further bolstering the country's capabilities in mine clearance. These tanks will play a crucial role in clearing and securing areas affected by landmines, enabling safer movement and facilitating post-conflict reconstruction.

The Wisent 1 represents a tracked armored platform developed by the German company FFG, utilizing the Leopard 1 tank chassis as its foundation. This vehicle is accessible in three variations: an Armored Recovery Vehicle (ARV), an Armored Engineer Vehicle (AEG), and a Mine Clearing (MC) vehicle.

The Wisent 1 MC is a modified iteration of the Wisent 1 Armored Recovery Vehicle (ARV), adapted to establish secure, cleared pathways for advancing troops. This unit is equipped with a comprehensive mine-clearing system that has demonstrated its utility through service in various nations worldwide.

Notably, the Wisent 1 MC incorporates a lane marking system, a significant addition that facilitates safe passage for subsequent troops along the cleared lanes, mitigating the risk of accidents or incidents in mined areas.

Featuring a Full-Width Mine plow, the Wisent 1 MC effectively addresses the clearance of mines across a substantial area, thereby creating a broad and secure passage for following troops. Its Magnetic Signature Duplicator is engineered to activate magnetically triggered mines, enhancing the unit's efficacy in mine clearance operations.

Additionally, the Wisent 1 MC introduces a new auxiliary winch, enhancing its operational versatility. Its crane, boasting a lifting capacity of 30 tons, increases the unit's versatility, and a front-mounted high lift adapter allows it to tackle various challenges encountered in different field scenarios.

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