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Eleek and Defast supply electric motorbikes to Ukrainian army

According to Jan Grohmann in Armadni Noviny, Ukrainian tankers, scouts or sniper teams have already successfully used light electric motorcycles. Electric motors are supplied to the army, for example, by the Ukrainian companies Eleek and Defast.
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Eleek Atom electric motorcycle (Picture source: Eleek)

It is not clear how many electric motors the Ukrainian army uses, Armadni Noviny writes. An electric motorbike is a dual-use product. With the help of military supplies, Ukrainian manufacturers of electric motorcycles can keep their business running, gain experience, contacts, media awareness and references. All this can be used to develop the company after the end of the fighting. In addition, the army tests electric motorcycles in real conditions and gives the manufacturer invaluable feedback, Jan Grohmann comments.

The Ukrainian army electric motorcycle Eleek Atom weighs 70 kg, has a battery capacity of 3.6 kWh, an engine power of 3 kW, a range of 100 to 150 km and a maximum speed of 90 km/h. The battery is charged from an ordinary 220V socket in five hours. The motorcycle can carry riders and loads of up to 150 kg. Charging of motorcycles is possible from the classic electrical network but a solar power plant on the roof of a family house will also suffice. The motorcycle has USB connectors for charging mobile phones and tablets, which play an absolutely key role in the Ukrainian army. It is also possible to connect an appliance with a consumption of up to 200 W, such as a laptop, drone or lighting, to the 220V socket on the motorcycle. The outlet was added in response to a direct request from Ukrainian soldiers. With a military electric motor, it is very beneficial to be able to quickly replace the battery box. It is not entirely clear whether this is the case with the Atom motorcycle.

A conventional 125cc motocross bike weighs about the same as an electric motorbike but offers twice the power and twice the range. However, Delfast offers a much greater range for its electric motors. The company even set a Guinness World Record when its electric motorcycle covered a distance of 228 miles (367 km) on a single charge under absolutely ideal conditions with a light rider.

In any case, electric motorcycles have worked well in Ukraine. Eleek handed over all its Atom motorcycles to the Ukrainian army and received positive feedback - with electric motorcycles it can be well hidden in the vegetation and thanks to low noise, vibrations and practically zero odor, the soldier can better perceive the battlefield… and approach targets without being spotted.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news

Ukrainian soldier with a Defast electric motorcycle (Picture source: Armadni Noviny)

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Ukrainian soldiers carrying NLAW anti-tank missiles on a Delfast electric motorcycle (Picture source: Twitter account of Popular Front via @ourwarstoday2 on IG)

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Ukrainian soldier loading what appears to be an NLAW antitank missile container on his Delfast electric motorcycle (Picture source: Twitter account of Popular Front via @ourwarstoday2 on IG)


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