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Discover Ukrainian soldiers using BTR-4 Bucephalus IFV to destroy Russian T-80BV tank

A video published on the "Kriegsforscher" Twitter account on December 6, 2022, demonstrates the capability of the Ukrainian-made 8x8 wheeled armored IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) BTR-4 Bucephalus operated by Ukrainian soldiers to destroy Russian T-80BV main battle tank using its onboard weapon systems.
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Ukrainian soldiers use BTR-4 Bucephalus 8x8 IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle to destroy a Russian T-80BV Main Battle Tank MBT. (Picture source Screen Shot Video Twitter account Kriegsforscher)

Today, modern tracked or wheeled IFVs (Infantry Fighting Vehicles) are equipped with a mix of cannons, machine guns, and anti-tank guided missiles able to destroy light tactical vehicles and armored vehicles including main battle tanks.

The BTR-4 Bucephalus is an 8x8 wheeled IFV (Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle) designed and manufactured by the Ukrainian Company Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau. The vehicle is with a remotely operated weapon station called BM-3 Shturm which is armed with one ZTM-1 30mm automatic cannon and two tube launchers mounted on the right side of the turret able to fire Barrier (BAR’ER) Anti-Tank Guided Missile. The second armament of the BTR-4 Bucephalus includes one PKT 7.62mm machine gun, and one AG-17 30mm automatic grenade launcher mounted to the left side of the main armament.

For the BTR-4 IFV, the ZTM-1 30mm cannon can be used to target light tactical or armored vehicles, while the Barrier anti-tank guided missile can destroy heavy armored vehicles such as main battle tanks.

In the video, the Russian T-80BV seems to be targeted by the Ukrainian-made Barrier (BAR’ER”) anti-tank guided missile. The missile uses a laser beam riding missile guidance system and has a firing range from 10 to 5,000 m. It can be used to destroy armored vehicles and tanks in a static position or on the move. It can penetrate different modern armor including ERA (Explosive Reactive Armor) with a thickness of up to 800mm.

The hull of the T-80BV is all-welded steel armor. The glacis and the turret are protected by laminate compound armor. Other parts of the hull and the turret are protected by solid steel plates of different thicknesses and inclinations. The front part of the hull and turret are fitted with first-generation Kontakt explosive reactive armor equivalent to up to 400 mm rolled steel armor (RHA) when hit by single-stage shaped charge warheads.

Using the Barrier missile, the BTR-4 Bucephalus is able to destroy main battle tanks such as the Russian T-80BV. Citing information released on the Kriegsforscher Twitter account, the mission of the Ukrainian soldiers was the capture of a Russian position in Kharkiv oblast equipped with five T-80 tanks, 4 BMP-2/32 IFVs and 6 BTR-80/82A 8x8 APCs. On the Ukrainian side, the combat unit had two BTR-4 vehicles and 40 infantrymen. Using clever tactics and armament available on their BTR-4, the Ukrainian soldiers were able to destroy the Russian T-80BV tank.

Discover Ukrainian soldiers using BTR 4 Bucephalus IFV to destroy Russian T 80BV tank 925 002
The Russian T-80BV tank is ready to move near the position of the Ukrainian BTR-4 Bucephalus. (Picture source Screen Shot Video Twitter account Kriegsforscher)

Discover Ukrainian soldiers using BTR 4 Bucephalus IFV to destroy Russian T 80BV tank 925 002
The Ukrainian BTR-4 Bucephalus 8x8 IFV is in ambush ready to fire on the Russian T-80BV tank. (Picture source Screen Shot Video Twitter account Kriegsforscher)

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