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Discover Ukrainian Bohdana 155mm howitzer targeting Russian troops on Snake Island with help of Bayraktar drone

According to a video published by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense on June 30, 2022, the Ukrainian army targeted Russian forces on Snake Island using Ukrainian-made Bohdana 155mm self-propelled howitzer destroying Russian positions on the island with fire correction transmitted by a Bayraktar TB2 drone.
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Ukrainian army uses Bohdana 155mm self-propelled howitzer to shell Russian troops Snake Island with fire correction transmitted by a Bayraktar TB2 drone. (Picture source Ukraine MoD)

Today, Russian forces announced they had abandoned the strategic Black Sea outpost of Snake Island. Seized by the Russians on 24 February 2022, Snake Island is located just 35 km off Ukraine's coast. The Bohdana has a maximum firing range of 40 km and using drones, Ukrainian artillery can get accurate data to shell the island.

Russian and Ukrainian artillery units use different types of drones to conduct reconnaissance and observation missions. In the past artillery units has to use observers deployed on the battlefield to detect targets, but with the use of drones, the detection is increased as well as the precision through the use of onboard GPS systems allowing the detection of enemy positions.

The Bayraktar TB2 is a Turkish medium altitude long endurance (MALE) unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) manufactured by Turkey's Baykar company primarily for the Turkish Air Force (TAF). The drone can be used to designate targets for artillery strikes or to destroy them using laser-guided smart munitions.

The standard payload of the Bayraktar TB2 includes an electro-optical (EO) camera module, an infrared (IR) camera module, a laser designator, a laser range finder (LRF), and a laser pointer. Each Bayraktar TB2 system consists of six aerial vehicles, two ground control stations (GCS), three ground data terminals (GDTs), two remote video terminals (RVTs), and ground support equipment.

The Bayraktar TB2 platform has a blended wing body design with an inverted V-tail structure. Thrust is generated by a variable pitch two-blade propeller in pusher configuration. The propeller is mounted between the tail booms and driven by an internal combustion engine located in the body. It has an operational range of 150 km and 27 flight-hour endurance, providing its operators with sufficient flexibility to conduct ISR or precision strike missions over a wide area of operations.

The 2S22 Bohdana is a truck-mounted 155mm self-propelled howitzer that is based on the 6×6 chassis of the KrAZ-6322 truck.

The 2S22 Bohdana features a 155mm NATO caliber gun system that is able to fire all the standard 155mm ammunition. The artillery truck is equipped with computerized control and targeting system that uses SIPLUS and SIMATIC HM modules produced by Siemens, as well as a shell loading device.

The 2S22 Bohdana is able to carry a total of 20 ammunition and charges. The gun has an elevation from -5° to +65°. It has a firing from 40 to 42 km using standard HE (High Explosive) projectiles and 50 km with rocket-assisted artillery projectiles.

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