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Czech company Excalibur Army develops for Ukraine Viktor new anti-aircraft weapon system

According to information published on the "C4H10F02P" Twitter account on November 13, 2022, the Czech Company "Excalibur Army" has started the production of the "Viktor" a light self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon system for Ukraine
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Excalibur Army Viktor self-propelled anti-aircraft twin-gun system. (Picture source Twitter account C4H10F02P)

The EXCALIBUR ARMY is a Czech company founded in 1995. Its primary business was sales of military ordnance, logistical and medical equipment, vehicles, and other military equipment. In 2000 the company expanded and started selling spare parts for military wheeled and tracked vehicles, cargo vehicles, weapons, ammunition, and other military equipment.

According to our first analysis, the Viktor self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon system is based on a Toyota pickup model with a crew cab at the front and a cargo area at the rear which is equipped with an improved ZPU-2, a Soviet-made 14.5mm anti-aircraft twin gun.

The whole ZPU-2 anti-aircraft gun system is mounted on a flatbed at the rear of the Toyota pickup chassis. With this new vehicle, Excalibur army offers a cheap anti-aircraft gun system that can be used to destroy aerial threats such as drones.

Using the Toyota pickup chassis, the Viktor offers a high level of mobility in the road and off-road conditions.

The ZPU-2 is a Soviet-made anti-aircraft twin gun weapon that was introduced in 1949. It uses two 14.5 mm Vladimirova KPV (Krubnokalibernyj Pulemet Vladimirova) heavy machine gun, which has a quick-change barrel, mounted on a wheeled chassis.

The two cannons of the ZPU-2 is able to fire 14.5x114mm rounds at a cyclic rate of fire of 600 rpm. They have a maximum firing range of 1.4 km. the gun system can be used against aerial targets as well as ground targets.

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