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BvS10 All-Terrain Amphibious tracked vehicles are now used by Ukrainian army

According to pictures released on the Russian social network "VK" on March 30, 2023, Ukraine has received Bv S10 all-terrain tracked amphibious armored vehicles. Citing a source from the publisher, one vehicle was delivered from Italy, and the second one from the UK or the Netherlands. Currently, no countries have mentioned the delivery of that type of combat vehicle to Ukraine.
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The BvS10 All-Terrain Amphibious Tracked armored vehicle is now used by Ukrainian soldiers. (Picture source Russian Social Network VK)

The BvS 10 is a highly versatile, all-terrain tracked amphibious armored vehicle developed by BAE Systems Hägglunds, a Swedish defense company. Designed for use in challenging environments and harsh conditions, the BvS 10 features excellent mobility, payload capacity, and adaptability.

The BvS 10's primary function is to transport troops and equipment across difficult terrain, including snow, swamps, and mountains. The vehicle is fully amphibious, allowing it to traverse bodies of water and support amphibious operations.

The BvS 10 is available in several variants for different mission requirements, including troop transport, command and control, logistics, medical evacuation, and even direct fire support. The vehicle can be fitted with various weapon systems, such as machine guns or grenade launchers, for self-defense and fire support.

The BvS10 features a linked, two-unit design with a front and a rear unit connected by a steering mechanism. The tracked configuration provides excellent mobility across various types of terrain and enhances stability. The front unit of the BvS10 typically houses the engine, transmission, driver's station, and commander's station. The driver and commander are positioned side by side in a fully enclosed, protected cabin with excellent visibility through large ballistic windows.

The rear unit of the BvS10 is dedicated to the mission-specific payload, such as troop transport, command and control, logistics, medical evacuation, or direct fire support. The rear unit can be configured with seating for personnel, cargo space, or specialized equipment depending on the mission requirements.

The independent hydropneumatic suspension system and wide rubber tracks of the BvS10 enable the vehicle to traverse rough terrain, steep slopes, and soft ground with ease. The BvS10 has a top speed of approximately 65 km/h on roads. The vehicle is designed to be fully amphibious, allowing it to ford water obstacles and even swim at a speed of up to 5 km/h.

The BvS10 can accommodate a crew of two in the front unit (driver and commander) and up to 8-10 fully equipped soldiers in the rear unit, depending on the configuration. It has a payload capacity of up to 5,000 kg (11,023 lbs), depending on the specific configuration. This allows it to carry a wide range of mission-specific equipment, including weapon systems, communication systems, and cargo.

The BvS10 is powered by a 6.7-liter inline-6 turbo diesel engine, producing 285 hp, coupled with an automatic transmission. It has a fuel capacity of approximately 300 liters, enabling a range of up to 1,000 km depending on the terrain and mission profile.

BvS10 All Terrain Amphibious tracked vehicles are now used by Ukrainian army 925 002
British army BvS10 Viking All-Terrain Amphibious Tracked Armored Vehicle. (Picture source British MoD)

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