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Australian Sypaq cardboard drones used in Ukraine to attack Russian air base

According to a tweet by Chuck Pfarrer published on August 26, 2023, an attack on the Kursk air base in Russia was carried out using PPDS drones designed in Australia by the SYPAQ company. Their unique feature is that they are primarily made of cardboard, wax, and elastic, which makes them virtually invisible to enemy air defenses. We already told you about the delivery of the PPDS to Ukraine in an Army Recognition article, dated 29 March 2023.
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Corvo PPDS drone made by the Australian compagny Sypaq (Picture source: Sypaq )

Sypaq, an Australian aerospace company, has developed a fleet of truly intriguing drones. These Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles (UCAVs) come in various configurations, but what sets these drones apart is that they are mostly made of cardboard, which gives them the ability to operate stealthily. The company produces and delivers over 100 units of these drones to the Ukrainian armed forces every month. Initially designed for reconnaissance and material transport, the Ukrainians have started loading these UAVs with explosive payloads, using them as attack drones rather than reconnaissance drones. These small UAVs can carry warheads ranging from 3 to 5 kg and have a striking range of up to 120 kilometers, allowing them to strike into Russian territory.

Their flight time ranges from 1 to 3 hours depending on the payload weight, weather conditions, and the operator's use. Despite being made of cardboard, they are weatherproofed thanks to a layer of wax.

The development and use of cardboard drones are an excellent idea. In the conflict in Ukraine, an important consideration is the cost-to-destruction ratio, with drones often excelling in this regard due to their low cost and high destructive capability. Replacing plastic and metal with cardboard offers two advantages. First, it reduces the construction cost of drones, thereby improving the cost-to-destruction ratio. Second, it enhances the drones' stealth capabilities.

The fact that the Kursk air base was targeted by an attack from cardboard drones shows that these should not be underestimated. They remain fairly effective UAVs capable of striking Russian positions efficiently and with significant firepower. Measures will likely need to be taken to counter this type of attack in the future.

Australian SYPAQ Cardboard Drones Used in Ukraine to Attack a Russian Air Base 925 002

PPDS drones explained by Chuck Pfarrer ( Picture source: Twitter account of Chuck Pfarrer )


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