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Analysis: Discover combat capabilities of Russian TOS-2 thermobaric rocket launcher used in Ukraine

According to information published by the Russian Press agency TASS, on May 28, 2022, the Russian armed forces deployed the TOS-2 Tosochka flamethrower 220mm thermobaric rocket launcher vehicle during combat operations in Ukraine. In this article, discover the combat capabilities of the TOS-2 explained by the Army Recognition editorial team.
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Russian army TOS-2 Tosochka flamethrower thermobaric 220mm MLRS rocket launcher vehicle. (Picture source Vitaly Kuzmin)

The TOS-2 also nicknamed Tosochka is the latest generation of Russian-made flamethrower or thermobaric rocket launcher systems based on a truck chassis instead of a tracked armored chassis as the TOS-1 or TOS-1A. This new artillery was unveiled for the first time to the public during the Victory Day military parade in May 2020.

Thermobaric munitions are those munitions that, by design, produce more heat and overpressure than conventional explosives by exploding a vapor in the blast zone. Their medical effect is principally primary blast and they affect organs where there is a tissue interface of varying densities, such as the lungs, bowel, and inner ear.

To date, the Russian army has not yet confirmed the entry into service of the TOS-2, but according to the Russian press agency TASS news, it was deployed in Ukraine with the Russian invasion forces.

The TOS-2 is designed to destroy light armor vehicles, incapacitate the personnel deployed in open spaces or in shelters, and initiate fires and smokescreens by smoke/incendiary munitions.

The TOS-2 is based on a 6x6 military truck 63706-0120 designed and manufactured by the Russian company Ural. The front of the vehicle is fitted with a crew armor cab that provides protection against the firing of small arms and artillery shell splinters. The rear part of the truck is fitted with the launcher station consisting of a container with three rows of six tubes.

The TOS-2 is able to fire fuel-air explosive rockets also called thermobaric ammunition and can also fire a full range of 220mm unguided rockets. Using thermobaric rockets, the TOS-2 has a firing range from 3.5 to 10 km.

The TOS-2 has its own lifting mechanism and doesn't need a separate transport-loading vehicle. It can fire the first salvo of rockets in less than 90 seconds it can fire in 90 sec after deploying in the firing position. It has a crew of five.

The TOS-2 is equipped with modern navigation equipment, a laser range finder, satellite navigation, a Doppler speed meter, an inertial measurement unit. It can fire from unprepared firing positions. Thanks to the onboard guidance and fire control systems, it can be operated with a high degree of automation.

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