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Live Update: Hamas - Israel War November 4th, 2023, Combat Situations Day 29

Live Update: Hamas - Israel War November 4th, 2023, Combat Situations Day 29: As of November 4th, 2023, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are persisting with their military campaign targeting the leadership and operational capabilities of Hamas in the northern regions of Gaza. Specialized combat engineering units are actively constructing pathways, disarming explosives, dismantling terrorist networks, and confronting militant groups encountered within the vicinity.
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Israeli Army combat engineering troops are active in Gaza creating access routes, clearing explosive devices, neutralizing terror infrastructure and terrorist cells found in the area. (Picture source IDF)

Northern Gaza Operations:  The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are persisting in their military campaign against Hamas, focusing on the group's leaders and infrastructure in northern Gaza. Combat engineers have been reported to be actively constructing pathways, disarming explosive hazards, and dismantling terrorist networks and their operational bases.

IDF Uncovers Hamas Maps: In a significant development, the IDF has seized and disclosed a map during a raid on a Hamas intelligence center in Jabaliya. The map is said to delineate the territorial command of a Hamas unit between al Toam and Falouja roads, west of Jabaliya. The area, spanning approximately 0.5 kilometers in depth and 1.5 kilometers in width, suggests a substantial defensive position for a company-sized force in an urban setting, hinting at the organizational structure of Hamas's tactical units.

Clearance Operations and Palestinian Militia Attacks:  The IDF has released video evidence from November 4, 2023, showing engineering and infantry units performing route-clearing operations along the coastal region. These units have been tasked with neutralizing explosive devices and engaging Palestinian militants. Independent analysts have corroborated the movement of Israeli vehicles in the southwest, aligning with previous reports of Israeli clearance activities.

Meanwhile, Palestinian militias have maintained their offensive against IDF ground forces, employing small arms, anti-tank weapons, and indirect fire tactics. The al Qassem Brigades, identified as Hamas's military faction, have circulated videos showcasing their fighters navigating tunnels in Beit Hanoun and launching assaults on IDF units.

Advancements and Rocket Attacks: Israeli forces have reportedly made advances into the southern Tal al Hawa neighborhood in Gaza City. On November 4, the al Quds and al Qassem Brigades coordinated mortar attacks targeting Israeli vehicles in the vicinity of Tal al Hawa. Additionally, the al Qassem Brigades have taken credit for launching two anti-tank missiles at IDF vehicles in the same area.

The al Qassem Brigades have also claimed four separate indirect fire assaults near the Gaza Strip border. Notably, the Ayyash 250 rocket was fired at Eilat, marking the second such attack since the conflict's inception. This rocket type was first introduced by Hamas during the 2021 Gaza conflict.

Lebanese Hezbollah Involvement: Lebanese Hezbollah has asserted responsibility for eight out of eleven attacks on Israeli military and communication sites along the border. For the first time in the current conflict, a Burkan rocket, reported to have a 400kg warhead and a range of five kilometers, was utilized against Israeli targets, as per Lebanese Hezbollah's affiliated media.

IDF Retaliatory Strikes: In response to an anti-tank missile launched from Lebanese territory, the IDF executed targeted strikes on Hezbollah's anti-tank positions and a military post on November 4, 2023. IDF troops also engaged individuals approaching the border under suspicious circumstances.

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