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Live Update: Hamas - Israel War November 10th, 2023, Combat Situations Day 35

Live Update: Hamas - Israel War November 10th, 2023, Combat Situations Day 35: Israel Defense Forces (IDF) continue their offensive in the Gaza Strip, making substantial progress amid intense battles with Hamas. Last night, the IDF's Nahal Brigade successfully overtook Hamas ‘Outpost 17’ in Jabalya after a prolonged 10-hour firefight, resulting in the elimination of dozens of Hamas militants and the capture of significant operational materials.
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Israeli Merkava 4 tanks and forces have also advanced into the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood. (Picture source IDF)

Targeted Strike on Hamas Leadership:  An IDF (Israel Defense Forces) fighter jet neutralized Ibrahim Abu-Maghsib, a prominent leader of Hamas’ Anti-Tank Missile Unit within the Central Camps Brigade. This precision strike was executed based on intelligence from the ISA and IDF Intelligence.

Rocket and Aircraft Launches:  Since the war's onset, approximately 9,500 rockets and various aircraft have been launched towards Israel, with around 12% falling within the Gaza Strip. Notably, about 900 launches originated from civilian locations including mosques, schools, hospitals, and cultural centers.

Tunnel Network Discovery:  IDF forces have uncovered over 130 tunnel entrances in Gaza, significantly impacting Hamas' underground infrastructure.

Situation at Al Shifa Hospital: Israeli forces are advancing towards Al Shifa Hospital, a site Israel identifies as a key Hamas command center. Amid escalating tensions, the hospital is reportedly evacuating, following reports of nearby explosions.

Civilian Sheltering: The Hamas-run Ministry of Health estimates that 50,000-60,000 people are seeking refuge in and around Al Shifa Hospital, which is now encircled by IDF forces.

Clashes Near Key Locations:  Reports from a Palestinian journalist indicate IDF operations within several buildings near Al Shifa Hospital. Clashes are ongoing on Charles de Gaulle Street and near the Al Abbas police station, about a kilometer south of the hospital.

Al Qassem Brigades’ Resistance:  The Al Qassem Brigades, Hamas' military wing, continue to engage IDF forces using RPGs, small arms, and claimed drone strikes. Israeli Merkava tanks and forces have also advanced into the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood, with reports of IDF tanks operating near the Rantisis Specialist Clinic.

Al Nasr Hospital Under Siege:  Reports from an employee inside Al Nasr Hospital indicate that the facility is surrounded by tanks amid heavy gunfire.

Mortar Attacks and IDF Operations:  The Al Quds Brigades, the militant wing of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), have launched mortar attacks on Israeli forces near Karama. The IDF has also conducted targeted operations against the Nukhba, the naval commandos of the Al Qassem Brigades.

Indirect Fire Attacks into Israel:  Palestinian militants claim several indirect fire attacks into Israel on November 10, including the first attack targeting US forces since October 31 by the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

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