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Israeli Army Uses Puma Armored Vehicles with Carpet Mine-Clearing System to Destroy HAMAS Tunnels

According to a video released by the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) on November 1, 2023, the Israeli Army is using the Puma tracked engineer armored vehicle, equipped with the Carpet mine-clearing system, to destroy HAMAS tunnels and positions in the Gaza Strip. A similar tactic was employed by Russian troops in Ukraine, using the UR-77 Meteorit mine-clearing system, which is based on the 2S1 tracked howitzer chassis.
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Israel Army uses the Carpet mine-clearing system system mounted on Puma tracked armored vehicle to destroy Hamas tunnels and positions in the Gaza Strip. (Picture source IDF)

The "Carpet" mine-clearing system, mounted on Israeli Puma armored vehicles, represents a sophisticated and strategic approach to modern mine warfare. This innovative system is designed to provide a rapid mine-clearing system, providing a significant tactical advantage in battlefield preparation and area denial operations.

The system is integrated into the Puma, an Israeli armored tracked engineering vehicle. The Puma itself it is based on the hull of the Sho't, which is a modified British Centurion tank, known for its robustness and reliability. The vehicle is in service with the Engineering Corps of the Israeli Defense Forces since the early 1990s. As an armored engineering vehicle, the Puma is heavily armored and specifically designed for combat engineering tasks, making it an ideal platform for challenging operations like mine-laying.

The integration of the mine-clearing system on an armored vehicle like the Puma enhances operational efficiency. It combines mobility, protection, and combat engineering capabilities in a single platform. The Puma, with its heavy armor and engineering capabilities, provides a secure and versatile base for the Carpet system, making it a formidable tool in the arsenal of the Israeli Defense Forces.

The Carpet is a modern minefield clearing and IED neutralization system that can clear a path of 100 meters in a minefield with high mine clearance efficiency and can neutralize all types of IEDs In order to achieve maximum crew survivability, the system is operated by two soldiers from within the vehicle compartment. Easily Assembled Launcher

The Carpet system consists of a launcher that contains 20 rockets equipped with FAE (Fuel-AirExplosive) warheads. The launcher is an autonomous add-on kit that can be assembled easily and quickly in the field onto any main battle vehicle or suitable military vehicle. The system is self-contained, with no hydraulic power required from the host vehicle. The system needs only 24V-28V power. The Carpet is the most efficient system for minefield clearing and IED neutralization/detonation in any terrain and in all weather conditions while maintaining crew safety.

Safety and reliability are key concerns in mine-clearing operations, and the Carpet system is designed with these factors in mind. It minimizes the risk of accidental detonations during the deployment process, ensuring the safety of the operators.

Israeli Army Uses Puma Armored Vehicles with Carpet Mine Clearing System to Destroy HAMAS Tunnels 925 002
Close view of the Carpet mine-clearing system mounted on Puma tracked armored vehicle. (Picture source Army Recognition)

Israeli Army Uses Puma Armored Vehicles with Carpet Mine Clearing System to Destroy HAMAS Tunnels 925 002
The Puma is a tracked armored vehicle based on a British Centurion tank chassis. (Picture source Wikimedia)

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