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Hezbollah targets Israeli military base with Burkan missile

In a significant escalation of tensions in the Middle East, the Lebanese movement Hezbollah launched an attack on an Israeli military base located in the north of the territories occupied by Israel since 1948. The operation was conducted using a short-range ballistic missile, nicknamed Burkan (Volcano), on November 20, 2023, specifically targeting the 91st Division at the Branit barracks.
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A screenshot from a video released by the military media bureau of the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah shows the explosion of a Burkan (Volcano) missile (Picture source: Tehran Times)

According to reports from Lebanon's Arabic-language television news network, al-Mayadeen, based on a statement from Hezbollah, the attack struck the Jal al-Alam base, resulting in casualties among the soldiers stationed there. This action is part of a series of nearly daily clashes between the two sides, triggered by the Israeli regime's assault on Gaza.

The short-range ballistic missiles Burkan, also used by the Houthis in Yemen, belong to the same family as the Scud, a NATO designation for a range of missiles developed by the Soviet Union since the 1950s. Burkan has a range of about 1,000 km and a diameter of 0.88 m. American authorities believe that Burkan is a Qiam 1 missile developed by Iran, capable of carrying a 750 kg warhead.

In the wake of these events, Hezbollah fighters have intensified their operations against Israeli military sites, troops, and equipment across the border between Lebanon and the occupied Palestinian territories. Among the actions taken, a drone strike targeted a newly established command and control center of the Israeli military's 300th Territorial Brigade, accurately hitting the designated target near Liman moshav in the Western Galilee region.

Furthermore, an attack on a gathering of Israeli troops near the Jal al-Alam military base was reported, causing injuries among the soldiers. These developments occur in a context where the Israeli regime launched a war against Gaza on October 7, in response to an unprecedented attack by Hamas.

In response to attacks carried out by the Israeli military on Lebanese territory, Hezbollah has retaliated with strikes in support of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. The movement has vowed to continue its retaliatory operations as long as the Tel Aviv regime continues its offensive on Gaza.

The conflict has had tragic consequences, with at least 30,410 people killed, most of them children and women, and another 71,700 injured. The situation remains extremely tense, with profound implications for regional stability.

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