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Thirty-five new graduates Afghan Special Forces Police officers

Thirty-five Afghan special police officers graduated from the eight-week General Command of Police Special Units’ Special Operators Course (SPTC) in a ceremony held at the Special Police Training Center in Logar province, Afghanistan, Feb. 8, 2018. The course is a prerequisite for service in a GCPSU National Mission Unit. (Story by LaShawn Sykes)

Thirty five new graduates Afghan Special Forces Police officers 925 001
Crisis Response Unit 222 operators prepare to enter a building during a joint time-sensitive target exercise with 777 Special Mission Wing at Kabul Military Training Center, Kabul, Afghanistan, Feb. 3, 2018. (Picture source US MoD)

The SPTC in Logar provides advanced training to seasoned police officers from the Provincial Special Unit, and to select officers who are a part of the Afghan Special Security Forces’ growth pipeline. The graduates received advanced policing, crisis response, weapons, and tactical assault training, along with a physical fitness routine that hones their skills and abilities to combat Afghanistan’s anti-government elements.

“These graduates completed one of the most challenging police academies in the country,” said a GCPSU Special Operations Advisory Group team member. “This day, and their accomplishment will remain with them for the rest of their time on the job.”

The NMUs conduct high profile arrests, respond to crises, and execute counter-narcotics operations. Afghanistan’s NMUs are Crisis Response Unit 222 in Kabul, Commando Force 333 in Logar, and Afghan Territorial Force 444 in Kandahar. A critical component of the Afghan Special Security Forces’ growth, the NMUs will double, from three to six units by 2020.



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