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Swedish army is now equipped with 40 Mjölner 120mm self-propelled mortar vehicles

Four years after the signature of the contract, the FMV (Defense Materiel Administration) of Sweden has delivered 40 Mjölner 120mm self-propelled mortar vehicles based on the CV90 tracked chassis to the Swedish army.
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The CV90 Mjölner is fitted with a turret armed with 120mm mortars. (Picture source Army Recognition)

Developed and produced by BAE Systems Hägglunds, Mjölner is a 120mm mortar turret solution that will bring indirect fire using the tracked chassis of CV90 IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle).

The Mjölner, named Granatkastarpansarbandvagn Grkpbv 90 in the Swedish army is a 120 mm tracked armored self-propelled mortar carrier which is based on the CV90 tracked chassis fitted with a turret armed with two 120mm mortars. Indirect fire delivered by the CV90 Mjölner’s mortar system will support mechanized battalions.

The production of the first four mortar carrier armored vehicle was planned for the autumn of 2018 to enable industrial courses for the Swedish Armed Forces' future Instructors and Technicians. A pre-series was then delivered in January 2019. And in September, the first four series CV90 Mjölner for the training of the first Grkpbv 90 platoon were delivered.

The CV90 Mjölner is operated by a crew of three. The vehicle is fitted with a mechanical loading system designed to rapidly reload the gun barrels in all combat situations. It offers a full 60° frontal engagement arch and its elevating range of 45° to 83° to engage targets over a wide range of distances.

The CV90 Mjölner can carry a total of 56 mortar ammunition. It has a maximum firing range of up to 13 km using standard ammunition. The first round can be fired in less than 2 minutes with a maximum rate of fire of 16 rounds per minute.

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