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Russian army 103th missile brigade will be equipped with Iskander-M mobile ballistic missiles 11306153

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Russian army 103th missile brigade will be equipped with Iskander-M mobile ballistic missiles.
The 103th missile brigade of Russian army located in Ulan-Ude will have been rearmed with Iskander-M (NATO code SS-26 Stone) modern missile complexes. The Iskander-M is a a short range tactical missile system developed and produced in Russia.

“The brigade firing capabilities will raise by two times and firing range will be increased by five times after the rearmament,” reported the brigade commander to the Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu.

The Defence Minister ordered to establish conditions, which provide warm staroge of the hardware in order increase exploitation time.

The brigade will have to organize construction of the infrastructure facilities and implement plan concerning staffing with contract servicemen.

The Iskander-M (NATO Code SS-26 Stone) are replacing the Tochka-U (SS-21 Scarab) missile complexes.

The Iskander-M mobile ballistic missile system can engage ground targets such as command posts and communications nodes, troops in concentration areas, air and missile defence facilities and fixed and rotary-wing aircraft at airfields. It has a range from 50 to 280 km.

The 9M79 "Tochka" (NATO code SS-21 Scarab) is a Russian-made short-range ballistic missile. The SS-21 is designed to effectively defeat critical targets in the tactical depth of the enemy battle formation, as nuclear strike means, missile launch positions, airfields, command posts, anti-aircraft units, artillery batteries, and other small size targets.

The SS-21 Scarab uses a solid-propellant missile of the single-stage type. The basic missile has a range of 70 km. The SS-21 can carry a number of tactical warhead types including 9N123F HE-fragmentation type with 120 kg of explosive with a terminal guidance package (radar and terrain-comparison) yielding a CEP of 30m.

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